Deca-dence 6, Uzaki and Monster Musume 5, Railgun T 18-19, Fishing girls 6, Maou Gakuin 7

In Deca-dence 6, as expected, Kaburagi gets his punishment, working on a bug-rehabilitation shit-shoveling (literally) duty. Things are pretty rotten for him but he’s reminded in an audio he mysteriously has about Natsume and not giving up. So he doesn’t either. Soon he learns of a way to log into Deca-dence, which means fighting an underground big boss that he used to know, after which the episode ends. Meanwhile the mysteries of what is real and what isn’t remain unexplained, though we see some people in human form preparing the game to launch more gadoll, and I wonder what these people are. Then there’s that underground life in the shit-shoveling factory, with bosses and secret links to Deca-dence. Because of their cartoonish appearance I can’t imagine the cyborgs as the real world, and that bit where Kaburagi’s “human” form is encased in a pod of some sort increases my skepticism. I still go with last post’s opinion that the Gadoll are hunted for their green blood, and all this is a ruse to get the minions working to that end. But why the minions appear like that, and other questions, well, as I said, remain unanswered …

The end of the glorious choco-mint speech.

Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! 5 introduces us to Itsuhito Sakaki, the blond guy who is Shinichi’s only friend apart from Uzaki, or so it seems. Watching Shinichi and Uzaki go at it puts him on the supporter team, but he wants them to get together as a couple, leading to a good scene with Ami, who only wishes to observe. Their scene together, which the show returns to as a tag, is pretty good. Even better is an unrelated bit where Shinichi equates mint flavor with toothpaste, and we get an impassioned rant from Uzaki which I would normally say goes on too long, but the sheer absurdity of her passion over such a trivial thing, plus the usual, excellent voice acting, makes it the highlight of the episode and maybe the series so far. I fully expected the onlookers to applaud, and they did. Though I kept thinking that there would be a gag over the candies melting in the summer heat. I haven’t seen episode 6 yet, but I think the show is hitting its stride. Now, before I watch anything more, I’m off to buy some chocolate mint ice cream …

This is therapy. Really.

Monster Musume no Oisha-san 5 continues the theme of the good-hearted young doctor helping beast-creatures who are always female in embarrassing ways. In fact this episode almost goes farther. Glenn and Sapphee are traveling with Tisalia and her assistants to a harpy village when there’s a rockfall and the the assistant Kay is injured. Turns out it’s just a sprain, but Lorna, the other assistant, starts behaving weirdly. This bothers Tisalia no end, because not only does she consider Lorna a friend, but also as an attendant, and she’s helpless without her or Kay. The master/servant dynamic is odd with centaurs, which I’ll return to in a moment. Anyway, I figured Lorna might have just had an unnoticed injury from the rockfall, but apparently it’s more psychological than that, and Glenn’s brilliant cure is to blindfold her and tie her up in bondage gear, because that’s a centaur thing, or her thing. So, yes, we have a centaur in bondage gear this episode. If that wasn’t enough, the cured Lorna and the healing Kay both come onto Glenn in a way that made me think this is Peter Grill with less outright raunch. Apparently they assume Glenn will marry Tisalia and thus Lorna and Kay will become his property. So why not have a sample beforehand? The good Dr. Glenn, in spite of himself, is building a nice harem–too bad they’re all beast-women.

Back to Railgun T, where, in episode 18 at least, they keep the story arc light. The more sinister things are to the side, like that crow that steals the Indian Poker card–was he trained? Hell of a coincidence to drop it right next to a girl who’s collecting them … Anyway, Misaka and Kinuhata, who are supposed to be enemies, or at least not friendly, team up to go through a bunch of indian poker cards when their labels are mixed up, looking for the elusive “bust-upper” card. What follows are a series of weird dreams, some of them containing people we know, and ALL of them re-emphasizing the advantages of having a bigger bust. Not much help. It’s pretty clear what’s going to happen; that card was made by a mad scientist who vanished, so while there might be some enhancement advice on it, the card probably has more to offer. Also, there’s that weird dream with the multicolored-hair girl in it, more of a pep talk than a fantasy. So the question for next episode is what will that card do to that girl, or is she collecting them for someone else?

Episode 19 looks to be the same sort of thing, only it’s Saten and Frenda from ITEM. It’s kind of weird to see her up and shouting when she was brutally murdered in … I can’t remember which season of what show. Anyway, it’s not indian poker this time, but mackerel that brings them together. But the silliness gives way to plot, remember that?, as it looks like Saten has a chopsticks-expert indian poker card, and there just happens to be leaked information about a “nanoparticle object interference absorption manipulator,” basically super tweezers, I guess. So Saten is abducted and Frenda, part of an evil group, comes to her rescue. This is one of the reasons I love this franchise: two would-be enemies find themselves bonding over insignificant things. Too bad Frenda gets shot at the end, but it does introduce a new enemy, Yumiya, who has a killer mentality and just wants to hang out with the popular girls at her school. She fits in to the show immediately.

Go get ’em Hina!

Speaking of mackerel, guess what Houkago Teibou Nisshi 6 is all about? Not much to say about it, really. Early on the team is so busy happily catching the li’l horsies that you know something bad will happen, well, something Hina doesn’t like. And we can guess what it is: she has to clean the fish. We get the usual shock reactions from her as she watches Ohno clean one and then try one herself, finally going into a trance state and become very efficient. The question is, can she do it next time, which brings us to a moment I didn’t expect. Her family loved the catch she brought in last time that she goes out fishing by herself. For some reason this made me very happy to see; I guess it was nice to see her attempt something by herself. Naturally, she makes mistakes, namely, her gear is all wrong, so we get further education by Natsumi (if the size 7 hooks are too big, what ARE they used for?). Anyway, apart from the scary cleaning and overall death, it’s all done cutely as usual. Congratulations Hina, for at least trying to go solo.

No mackerel in Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha 7, only the tournament and efforts to save both Lay and his mom, who really isn’t, but it doesn’t matter. She’s a spirit, so we learn, and some transfer of “source” can keep her alive (and awake to give us background). It’s Misa, I think, who provides the source. So we learn that Lay is a hostage to the royalists, with a source-thing embedded in him that could turn on him, or wait, why don’t they just kill off his mother if they want to punish him? So there’s the situation before the finals between Anoth and Lay next episode. Kill Lay or save him and his mom somehow, and you know which Anoth will succeed in doing next week. Meanwhile, Anoth’s mom and fangirls are waylaid by Emilia for his magic sword, but naturally Anoth shows up just in time to rescue everyone and turn Emilia into a hybrid, a thing she despises. Anoth doesn’t like killing anyone, really, well without resurrecting them, so he has a potential future enemy here. Maybe that’s what the Royalists are worried about by letting Lay live but killing his mom. Or maybe the show is just confusing.

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