Uzaki-chan 7-9, Monster Musume 8-9, Deca-dence 10, Railgun 22

Sorry about the wait.

This won’t end well.

Time to catch up with Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai!, being three episodes behind … Episode 7 allows both Shinichi and Uzaki opportunities to make asses of themselves, and allows both to fall for the misleading “I want to be with you” line. First Shinichi gets all giddy about being in a cat cafe then Uzaki, turning 20, cons Shinichi into going to a izakaya, which ought to be a relief because now Shinichi doesn’t have to fret about what gift to give her, but on the other hand, Uzaki’s first time drinking, and what you think is going to happen, does. Well, not THAT, but the goofy flirting and terrible hangover is exactly what we get. In terms of the relationship it’s getting a little more intimate, at least I think. Both people are beginning to realize there are feeling around, given the reactions to the “I want to be with you” line, AND the reaction when they realize they’ve been misled.

I suppose they had to have a quieter episode along the way for Shinichi to get introspective and decide he actually likes having Uzaki around. But it also makes for a rather dull episode in the end. The opening parts were dull too, as Uzaki was so mortified at barfing on Shinichi’s futon that she became quiet and withdrawn. And there was a sweet, but still dull flashback about a happy hign school memory. And ridiculous misunderstandings by onlookers got old fast. The only part that wasn’t dull was when Shinichi tries to complement Uzaki on her yukata and the regular, slightly crazy Uzaki slowly came back, with silly giggles leading to broad punching in the air moments–until she accidentally brains Shinichi with her purse and it got dull again. I suppose it was inevitable, and I’m glad Shinichi realizes the positive changes in his life, but let’s get back to some crazy, huh?

Okay, episode 9 isn’t all that crazy, but it was funnier. We meet Uzaki’s mom, who is kind and demure, but with the same physical attributes, and this show being what it is, she starts thinking Shinichi has the hots for her. Too many TV dramas, I guess, and she’s maybe a little nutty to boot. Why she would think that Shinichi AND Uzaki are planning something kinky with her … Well, it’s entertaining enough. But the episode’s highlight was when Shinichi compares Uzaki unfavorably to her mom and Uzaki retaliates by acting like her, all polite smiles and the like, with backgrounds of sakura petals, with a calm face that refuses to break into that huge smile she has. One thing that bugs me is that the little girl gave them a lottery ticket and they win a trip to Tottori. Are they going to re-compensate the kid, or is she now forgotten while they admire the Detective Conan displays at the Tottori airport?

In Monster Musume no Oisha-san 8, well, we all knew how it was going to work out. The giant is heading toward the harpy village for god knows what reason, everyone except Tisalia, Glenn, and Sapphee evacuate, while the three head up the mountain to either fight or talk to the giant. Naturally the giant, Dione, is actually a sweety, and her only problem is a head cold, which Glenn helps with, with giant boobs (or should I say the giant’s boobs) used as a gag platform. The big crisis is over so quickly that they’re back in town with time in the episode to spare, with more jealousy scenes from Sapphee and Tisalia, and the setup to the next patient, Skadi the dragon herself, who collapses as she is giving a speech for an event. But she is actually next week’s patient, pushed forward to create a crisis that won’t be too serious since Glenn is on the scene. I wonder if Skaldi will fall in love with the good doctor too …

Not much to say about episode 9 since it’s all prep. Oh, there’s the usual Dr. Glenn examining the patient and her getting turned on (Not the tail! My wings are especially sensitive!, etc), but Skaldi doesn’t want the surgery to remove the tumor, which is mimicking her heart and taking over the blood vessels, and no one is really sure why. I’m fairly sure the answer will involve a long infodump with lots of still images of her past. Otherwise, the episode is Dr. Glenn going to various people to convince them that surgery is possible. Skaldi herself, his mentor Cthulhy, even Arahnia, who, with her sewing skills and extra arms, will be useful in tying up lots of little blood vessels. Cthulhy and Arahnia are won over using different strategies but there’s still Skaldi herself. With the intricacies of her surgery and the backstory to get through, will they have time to do the surgery in one episode? Not only that, the previews suggest a new patient of the week next time. Are they actually going to put off the most important medical treatment of the series for a crying cyclops girl?

Deca-dence 10 … sorry, I’ve lost the plot. The Gadoll are all destroyed, much of the factory is not operational. And we have a scene where the robot Kaburagi, Jill, Donatello and the rest of the gang, flee the ruins into the human world, which is supposed to be fake, right? And there’s a little monster who eats the human corpses and becomes a giant gadoll (I assume) monster. So not all the gadoll are killed by the shutdown, so is it also a bug? And why do I suspect that we’re never going to get to the bottom of this. Meanwhile, the human element, Natsume, is furious and disappointed to learn the truth, whatever that is in this show, and that Kaburagi lied to her–that’s the part that hurts But she comes around later when she realizes that the experiences she has had are indeed real–to her. This is rather mundane in terms of human emotions, and it jars a bit with the robots, especially when we see Kaburagi logging back in to see Natsume when both places look realistic and the same. Is there going to be a moment when Natsume meets the robot Kaburagi? Oh, I give up. Let’s have the series wind down and see if they can pull some clarity from it.

Hey Ryoko, you’re being watched!

Finally, To aru Kagaku no Railgun 22 gives us just what we want from the franchise: explosions, violence, confrontations, heroic appearances, and fanservice. As it often does, the show splits into two scenes and jump from one to the other just when tensions are running high. In the first one, Ryoko’s doppel confronts Ryoko, and though I was hoping for the two to bond, the doppel doesn’t seem to have a nice circuit in her body. But the Team with No Name, or the Scavengers (would YOU want that as your team name?) hoping to regain some cred after Accelerator kicked their butts, arrive to capture the robot, and soon Misaka shows up. It boils down to Misaka vs Seika in an alley and Doppel-Ryoko against the other team, and the scene-hopping begins. It’s huge fun, though Misaka is in pissed-off heroic mode and looks to be unbeatable. Well, so does Doppel, but at least she’s taken some damage, half her head sliced off and all. I’m also a little sad that both Ryokos can’t get along. Also, I hope they take care of this concept of the soul leaving an android, becoming huge, and taking over Academy City. Ludicrous, but that’s the franchise for you.

Now I’m afraid I’m going to take another break from this. I’m moving again and am too preoccupied to write anything. I probably won’t be back until next season. See you!

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