Sigrdrifa 9-10, Tonikaku 10, Kuma 9-10, Kimisen 10

Senyoku no Sigridrifa 9 has three things going on. While we jump around a bit the most time is spent with Sono, who still can’t fly. Now, I wasn’t sure why she couldn’t fly before except she gets shot down a lot, but it seems that it’s because she, er, wouldn’t, or something. It takes the crisis with the pregnant woman (the enemy seems to focus on new life, which they seemed to know before, but still there are kids running all over the place on that base) and a note in the charm Yayoi gave her (the biggest laugh of the show) to get herself back in … fighting mode, I suppose. Yet the entire episode she’s been moping about not being able to go up. I don’t really get it. Anyway, she hops in her plane and goes to the gear-laden, time-reversing pillar to help Miyako, in a fun but confusing battle scene, take it down. And the baby is born.

That’s more like it.

Then there’s the battle in Vahalla, Claudia and Azu and some guys against monster things. Here it’s the reverse–a death by one of the soldiers, heroically. And so the show points out the trite balance of birth and death. Anyway, they get out (one other balance–Miyako and Sono are attacking, while Claudia and Azu are mostly running for their lives). So three situations, and a not-surprising ending concerning Odin and his thirst to bring back Ragnarok, since it already happened … I don’t understand it either.

Okay, in episode 10 it’s all agreed that Odin is actually the bad guy and he’s going to lead his “friends” into battle with the Valkyries and everyone else, I guess to do Ragnarok again. Actually I suspected this from episode 1. No way that grinning child had innocent intentions. The rest of the episode is just preparing, physically and emotionally for the battle. They toss in a small crisis with Azu stressing out over her workload and not believing that Tateyama should have a summer festival under these circumstances. Naturally they do anyway, and it’s a lovely scene, honoring the dead and preparing the living for Tateyama II. I think the series needed an episode to prepare for what will undoubtedly be lots of fighting, shouting, and explosions starting next week.

She didn’t mean it in the way you think.

Tonikaku Kawaii 10 isn’t much. First their former landlord offers them an apartment and it’s going to be luxurious, leading to fantasies of shared baths and beds and being celebrities. Of course it’s a mistake and they were meant to see another model room, which we don’t get to see. I really wanted to see it. Then we spend a little time in Kaname’s brain, which is not teasing and perverted but that of a hard-working young girl. It’s a bonding scene with Tsukasa. What I find interesting is that Tsukasa invented all these gadgets and refitted old things for Kaname’s bathhouse. Really, now that he’s found his dream girl he should get on with his life, quit the konbini job, and find employment somewhere worthy of his talents, and maybe then they can afford a fancy place to live. Then there’s some intimacy in a walk in the park, and we’re reminded that this married couple have barely kissed yet. I know, let them do it at their own pace, but theirs is one of a snail’s.

Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear 9 is a happy story about helping out a baker and her daughter by having her set up shop in Yuna’s home city, and by shop I mean huge mansion with banquet-sized rooms and a full restaurant menu of such high fare as burgers, pizza, and especially pudding. It leaves me full of questions. Is the restaurant going to be that crowded every day? Can Morin the baker and her daughter handle it? What about the employment of child labor, i.e., the orphans, even if they like it because they get to wear bear suits? And, while I understand that the restaurant is bear-themed because apparently all of Yuna’s magic has that stamp, won’t that theme get tiresome quickly? How much further labor will Yuna have to put into the restaurant when she doesn’t want the responsibility? Won’t such a huge and popular place force a decline of sales in other restaurants and bakeries? And finally, how many of these questions will the show cheerfully ignore?

Don’t mess with Bloody Bear.

In episode 10 it’s a road trip to a seaport because Yuna wants seafood, but the place has a Kraken in the bay and a band of thieves covering all the exits, so the town is starving–until Yuna shows up, at least. I was hoping for a kraken fight this episode but instead they spend the time on setting up the story (the merchant guild boss is obviously behind the thieves) and getting the thieves confrontation started, which isn’t hard since they try to sneak into Yuna’s room. The thieves are already toast, mostly (this show has little concept of cliffhangers), so it’s kraken time next week, though the ending bit suggests the kraken won’t be fought. Damn. Though there’s no doubt Yuna would win, I want some action more than Yuna taking on bewildered (“A bear?!”) and overmatched thugs.

Sisbel see Iska.

Now that the story arc is over, Kimisen 10 brings us a dull episode where people walk around worrying about things. On Nebulis’s side, it’s mostly about jockeying for the next queen position, though none of the princesses (now there are three) themselves aren’t fretting about it. But Sisbell’s having dreams where her mother is in danger, and there are rumors that there’s a spy or something in the palace, which is undoubtedly Alice. Meanwhile the Empire team are sent off to relax in, wouldn’t you know it? The exact same city as Sisbell is sent to on a mission. Naturally they bump into each other, literally, and there’s some recognition, and she scurries off to sneak into his room later. Now, why can’t this just be “Hey, it’s you! The guy who rescued me! Thank you for that, by the way. Long time no see! What brings you to Alsamira?” It’s a neutral city, after all. I mean, they don’t have to shout it, but why the running off and sneaking around? Anyway, I expect Sisbel to accidentally muck up the Alice/Iska story somehow. That’s fine, but let’s have an episode where people aren’t just walking around corridors worrying about things.

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