2-3 Peachboy, Hamefura, Genjitsu, Tantei

Both choices suck for different reasons.

Peachboy Riverside 2 and 3 takes the setup and hops around a little, so that it’s confusing. In ep2 we meet Mikoto, who beats Meki and takes her horn and evil eye, making her basically human. Mikoto’s motives are easy to understand: she hates all ogres for some reason and wants to kill them all, or at least humiliate them. In ep3 we meet Sumeragi, who is trying to, well, we don’t know, but it isn’t good, but he presents himself as a person who wants humans and ogres to live in peace. And at the end of episode 3 Sally has to choose which path to take, Mikoto’s or Sumeragi’s or so she thinks, because the latter is playing his con game. While all this is going on we wonder what the hell happened to Rimdarl, destroyed in a flash, well, we learn at the end, but it’s a bit disconcerting to go from Hawthorn looking at the ruined city he had sworn to defend to cheerfully participating in a fight contest to earn cash. The city was destroyed by a humoculus named Somenki, who was killed by Mikoto (offscreen), and who had been built by Juselino, a loli who’s with Sumeragi but unaware of his intentions. There’s also a nun who hangs out with Mikoto and has also entered the tournament, and a 100-ogre gathering which serves no purpose except to introduce Todoroki, in love with Meki, and there are probably other satellite characters I’ve missed. It sounds confusing but actually, even with the non-linear storytellng, relationships have been established well. Can’t say the same for the plot, but never mind. Meanwhile I’m looking forward to a couple of meetings, Todoroki and Meki, Meki and Mikoto, and for more people to show their hand.

This isn’t as dramatic as it looks.

Episode 2 of Hamefura 2 is a throwaway, a sometimes amusing sketch where Cat has to play the role of a villainess for the school play. Early parts are dull and sort of painful if you don’t like to see screwups in a stage performance, but she gets through her forgetting her lines (not her fault, she learned them the day of the show) by ad-libbing from the game whose world she now lives in. It gets more silly and more or less satisfactory after that, what with Geordo and other would-be boyfriends fighting over her on stage … But finally we get the first story arc at the end, where Cat is abducted, and Geordo has to renounce his throne to get her back. Turns out it’s a power play by Jeffrey, Geordo’s brother. It also involves the forgettable Selena and Ian, the other heir. So now I guess we watch to see who makes for first move–Raphael and his dark magic, or Cat herself, who is in danger of being brainwashed like Serena is. The only real fun in the episode, apart from Mary and Alan’s not-frank anti-confessions, is Serena, until she gets the whole story, happily enjoying her captivity because she can laze around all day and eat sweets.

Meet the side characters.

Genjitsu Shugi Yuusha no Oukoku Saikenki 2 is much as I feared, with Souma going around and talking about things to do, but we don’t see any results. Well, it’s too soon to see the country convert from cotton to food. We also watch him use his magic power, multitasking along with distant information lookup, sort of a high-information, communication, and productivity tool we today call computers. Appropriate. But nothing much happens until he declares to the nation that he will hire new people, just be really good at something. Fortunately we skip the procedure and get to the champions, rather a mixed bag. Tomoe, the wolf girl who can talk to animals, and the brainy Hakuya make sense, and even Poncho the glutton who will surely be of use spotting food, but the singer? Right now all she’s good for is singing a nice tune and making Liscia jealous. Finally, I can’t believe that Aisha the dark elf, whose clan has lived in a secluded forest all this time, has no idea how to tend to that forest …

In this case, literally.

The biggest question in Tantei wa Mou, Shindeiru is how did Siesta die? The two episodes after this doesn’t answer that, but we get a hint when impulsive Nagisa approaches/assaults Kimihiko in order for him to discover who the person is that she has an uncontrollable urge to meet. When we hear about “memory transference” from the heart transplant Nagisa had three years before, we all know that Siesta’s heart was still in good condition. It takes the full episode and help from Bat and grumpy redhead cop Fuubi for them to get the obvious. This would make Nagisa an interesting character if I could get over her bad personality. She has been new life and goals from Siesta’s heart until now hadn’t figured out what to do … well, she didn’t know what was going on. But with her new-found knowledge she’s the self-proclaimed famous detective and Kimi her Watson, only she hasn’t the sleuthing instincts that Kimi has. This is established in episode 3’s next case, protecting a valuable sapphire owned by a 12 year-old idol girl. There’s more to it, the eyepatch, the weirdo security she’s got, and Kimi’s thought that the girl is lying. It looks like the show is going to “case of the week, or two weeks,” with Nagisa connecting with whatever Siesta’s heart is going to her …

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