2-3s, Shinigami, Maid dragon, 100-man, and a new one.

And four days pass before I can watch another episode, and longer when I finally post this … Anyway time to catch up with Shinigami Bocchan to Kuro Maid and decide if I want to keep watching. Episode 2 was a mixed bag. We meet Rob the butler who is good for impeccable service but bad eyes and back. A nice bit after that as our hero plays his new composition to Alice. This and an even nicer final scene helps me to realize not only that Alice likes him, but why he likes him. It’s not just pity as much as he has a sensitive soul that is frustrated by a curse not of his making. Elsewhere we meet his sister Viola, who for some reason looks far worse in CGI than any other cast member does, to the point of annoyance. Oh, there a nice cat, too. And that’s about it for me. It’s not a bad show, but I checked out the manga and it looks like the setting is going to stay like this, and while I enjoy the characters I have too much to watch anyway.

This kind of show?
Or this?

Back to Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon, where they bring Ilulu into the household slowly, then quickly. It helps that a dragon slayer goes after her, Tohru “killing” him and Kobayashi comforting Ilulu afterwards. Ilulu’s got an interesting story, her parents killed by humans but she liking them up to then–she’s got a lot of issues to work out. In the meantime Kobayashi and the others go on an all-out niceness attack, well, acceptance anyway, so she’ll slowly come round. Playing games with Kanna and Riko was a nice start. After that (and before, if you count the Kobayashi-has-a-dick scenes, which were funny) it’s basically little sketches. Playing cards, coming up with a maid costume for Kobayashi, who insists she doesn’t look good in them, with some philosophical talk about outfits and roles in society, and Kobayashi indulging in her closet cosplayer side a little. And finally Tohru searches for a hobby. All very sweet and well-done. Now that Ilulu’s in the fold I wonder if we’ve seen the last of violent threats for this show. It was disconcerting to watch Ilulu and Tohru battle, such a switch for this light show, not to mention the fight with the dragon slayer, but KyoAni made them look fantastic, no surprise there, and I’d like to see more of that.

Ryce’s final moments.

With 100-man no inochi, we could guess by the way the orcs mourned their losses that they weren’t entirely to blame for this conflict, but I don’t buy Yuusuke’s claim at the end that the humans were at fault. The fact is that the orcs were killing the humans, not a fair situation, and while the humans have a legitimate issue with being unable to sustain the sacrifices due to the growing orc population, that’s something to be discussed, not fought over, if the humans were going to keep doing it. So the idea of the orc-mother going to kill the kids on that ship is more a question of revenge. Apart from that, we see a lot of Ryce, a young, chipper soldier who had been through hell and sensibly ran away from it (sometimes to good effect), and when he finally stands his ground, gets killed, honorably. Geez, we barely knew the guy. Apart from that there was a lot of strategy, Yuusuke forging effective orc-killing weapons and some fights. Wonder if the finale of the arc is going to end in slaughter or truce?

“Once upon a time …”

Finally, another new one, Heion Sedai no Idaten-tachi, where we learn of monsters ravaging the earth 800 years ago only to be stopped by Idaten, god figures, who seal away the monsters away with them, leaving only Rin to watch over things. Jump to now, and Rin (still young-looking but with a violent reaction when her proteges call her “baa-san”) training Hayato and beating him up when she calls her old. We also meet the bookish Ysely and the dainty Paula. Meanwhile someone or thing called Dr. Obami is in the process of thawing a monster out of the ice. The three kids rush over and there’s a lot of fighting, and after the monster is defeated we switch to a scene of a nun getting raped by soldiers, which soured the mood of the entire thing.

It’s a Noitamin A show, the first I’ve watched in a while, I think. It looks great, very stylish, and while it does indulge in a few character tropes I don’t like, manages to stay entertaining until that last bit. Perhaps the show is warning us that it wasn’t simply going to be a cool kids vs. monsters adventure story. We’ll see. As for the tropes, Hayato is the your bored, super-powerful, slightly rebellious kid type, but he didn’t bug me as much as others do. Ysely and Paula were fine–they didn’t do much but observe and get injured, and Rin isn’t seen after the opening bit. The goals of the two sides are clear: Obami and his army are working for the country of Zoble to resurrect monsters and take over the world, and the Idaten are there to kill the monsters. We’ll see about the nun later. So, an adventure story with some questions marks.

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