6-7, Tantei, Kobayashi, 100-Man

Okay, that’s a cool-looking monster.

I’ve talked about Peach Boy hopping around time, but Tantei wa Mou, Shindeiru does the same thing. At least with episode 6 we head straight to the confrontation between Hel and her Monster and Siesta, Kimi, and their mecha, ready to duke it out under the houses of Parliament of all places. It’s not terribly exciting, what with the pauses so that Siesta and Kimi can banter and the former and Hel declare statements of intent and Good vs. Evil speeches. And when when the mecha hit the monster it was underwhelming–Hel, defeated, gives another divine writ speech that lets her father slip in, and then an escape. Half the episode to go, so they bring up a new character, Alicia, a cute loli with amnesia who probably escaped from a mutant lab or something like that, though mostly she goes around being cute and headstrong while Kimi tries to keep up. Apart from that, and a bit of plot twist at the end which doesn’t tell us anything except that SPES is still around, it’s mostly talk, and a drunk-Siesta-wearing-nothing-but-a-loose-robe scene. Meanwhile, this all being in the past, the main story, whatever it is, is still on hold.

Lucoa published a gravure book.

If I could write about two episodes of the dead detective show, which actually has a plot of sorts, in one paragraph, it’s the least I can do for Kobayashi-san chi no Maid Dragon S. Again, there’s not much to say. The humans and dragons interact, Kanna and Saikawa have little adventures, and Lucoa teases Shouta to no end. We pick up some, er, deeper thoughts, like conformity (the dragons rarely slept until the started intermingling with people) and how nice boredom is after fighting all the time. My favorite bit is probably Fafnir using Lucoa as a model for a horror doujin, the story of which somewhat resembles Lucoa and Shouta’s situation but much nastier. Naturally, Fafnir being a poor judge of humans, Lucoa’s cosplay books sells far better. Episode 6 has a nice bit where Shouta and Makoto try to gain a little control over their magical partners, but, as we figured, decide “Nah, this is nice as it is.” I agree. No reason to change anything, even if it means I have little to write about.

Since 100-Man … finishes a story arc and starts another in eps 6-7 I should write about each one individually. As for 6, it’s a mess. They toss out a new villain, Raji, who’s controlling the dragon. People run around everywhere erasing magic symbols, there’s a bit with Thanzamer(?) dying bravely to keep the ship from the lava, with his thoughts of running away because he thought the island boring and then returning to save it, something not lost on Yuusuke, who is coming to the conclusion that he loves people, it’s humanity he can’t stand. Oh, it looks like dragons are going to be a recurring threat, Aoiu falls in love with Yuusuke, and they’re getting a new member, a hot blonde, though with Iu they already have one. Seems redundant. And then there’s this Fatina person … Did I miss anything?

Between quests.

As for #7, the hot blonde turns out to be Glen or Glenda–I spotted that, a filmmaker traveling the world, and she’s met others who have probably gone to the other world, but it seems they all died. Maybe. So does that mean our gang is just the latest batch to try? Anyway, we get an amusing scene where they recreate the other world to post it and hopefully hear from others who have gone there. To no one’s surprise, especially with the Girl in White showing up, Glenda is indeed the new member, and off they go to rescue a village. They meed a scared kid named Jesky who is running FROM the village, maybe because her dad turned into a zombie with a snake growing out of his head. All the while Glenda is unfazed by this new world and is already a capable warrior, as if she’s done this before. I don’t know if that’s the case or it’s bad writing. With this show, either is a possibility. The amateur film Glenda films was the best part, especially when Yuusuke plays the Master, and Iu tries not to crack up.

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