Tantei, Maid Dragon, and 100-man 10-11

Well, the story was screwed up to start with …

Back to a new arc for Tantei wa Mou Shindeiru, where Kimihiko, Nagisa, and Yui are on a cruise ship for some fun, but Char shows up too saying that Siesta’s “bequest” is on board, and they should find it. We don’t know what the bequest is, but right now they’re using it as a metaphor for what the characters need out of life now, most importantly Nagisa, who felt obliged to take on the detective’s role, though she’s unequipped for it. Otherwise she’s nothing. Kimi manages to convince her that her options are open to almost anything. As for Kimi, he seems locked down as the sidekick, and is fine with it. It winds up with Chameleon taking Nagisa hostage and demanding the bequest, or the ship goes down, or something. In the end, Kimi makes his own decision. The stuff around this, meaning the plot, life-and-death though it be, is just to get these decisions and realizations moving.

So who are we talking to, actually?

Naturally, ep11 takes the reasonable introspection of future life and goals and messes them up. First, some plot, as Kimi shoots Chameleon’s tail and dropping Nagisa into the water, or so I thought, but Yui was there to rescue her. Yep, time for the cavalry. Chameleon changes into his monster form, and Char and Fuubi show up in a helicopter with guns. Soon the deck’s burning and the fight continues on a lower deck. Where it gets weird. The dazed Kimi recalls the scene of Siesta’s death, only she’s taken over Hel’s body (was it the heart?) and among some tearful goodbyes she tells him to take down SPES, with Alicia of all people. I had almost forgotten about her. Then Nagisa shows up, blasts Chameleon with that “You’ll never be able to attack me” weapon … So, let me get this straight: Nagisa is actually the grown-up Alicia who is actually Siesta? While I can accept this in an anime, even Siesta’s heart in multiple bodies, I think, what does that mean with Nagisa/Alicia. The show talks about spreading wings and finding your way, but it seems that that girl, the original one, might have had some dreams and plans of her own, and now she’s just a body carrying around the will of Siesta, or Nagisa (I’m still unclear on Nagisa’s past at the moment). Didn’t she have dreams of her own?

Guess where Kanna is!

Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon is the second character episode in a row, this time it’s Kanna-chan, and after getting mad at Kobayashi and running away from home goes to … well, you can guess from the screenshot. This being Kanna, and the overall nature of the show, we’re not too worried about her, even when her new friend Chloe, also a runaway, is threatened by mafia a couple of times. Apart from that it’s a rather gentle view of NYC, with people happily walking around. KyoAni’s usual expert direction make what could be dull kids-playing scenes cute and entertaining. And if you’re wondering what the folks back in Japan are thinking, well, the show has an added bonus of a “Where’s Tohru?” I actually went back and looked for myself. Yep, there she was, in the background, always eating … The second half is pleasant but less novel, as Kobayashi and Kanna go out walking on a hot summer day and look for manholes and stuff. And they rescue a ladybug. All of it happy.

Such a lighthearted show.

Maid Dragon doesn’t have a serious episode very often, but ep11 is close to one. There is no threat to the happy equilibrium, in spite of Tohru’s father, the Emperor of Demise, showing up and telling Kobayashi that he will never approve of her relationship with Tohru, to which Kobayashi simply goes “huhh …” There’s nothing to be done about the relationship now apart from killing someone, and despite his demeanor, Demise brought up his daughter well, letting her live freely. I can’t see him changing his views now. So the rest of the episode, though serious in nature, is simply backstory. Some info on dragons’ relationships with humans and the origins of the Chaos, Harmony, etc. factions. Also the cause of Tohru getting stabbed with that sword which Kobayashi pulled out. I guess the main point is that it is right to live freely, and sometimes that means choosing to help other people and serving them, because it’s actually quite tough to be free. Next week, the finale, will be a fireworks episode, so I can’t imagine anything more serious will happen.

Yuka displays her skills again.

In 100-Man, the heroes and the village, meaning the survivors of the village, are still stuck in the forest. Much of the time is spent clearing out goblins, who, in spite of their elevated levels, still die rather easily. There’s also a lot of campfire talk about some Eden land but it looks like it actually means Heaven, but they’re going to look for it anyway. Then Cox, the former chief, is murdered, so we get a murder mystery where, since the surviving villagers had a grudge against him there are plenty of suspects. But they actually figure it out rather easily. The only twist after that is the murderer is himself killed by Iris–with a lizard growth coming out of her head. So when was she infected, and does it have anything to do with the heroes’ magic not having any effect on their MP. And is there supposed to be some metaphorical connection between the lizard growth and Glen’s PTSD-addled father?

In episode 11 the story throws much of my speculation aside and moves forward to make the plot more complicated. Cantil shows up and talks about Fatina, the woman who rescued him (and Yuka in season 1) and what these “dragon bishops” are up to. Apparently there were more dragon bishops in other places the heroes have been, they just didn’t know about them. Meanwhile there are more goblins, oh, and Iris gets beheaded by Keita, who, based on their friendship, isn’t very happy about the fact. One of those “A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do” situations the show throws at us to get us depressed. The big surprise comes at the end, where we learn that the local dragon bishop is, well, I won’t spoil it, but it’s a surprise and I suppose makes sense. If I had to guess, and I didn’t, I would have chosen Lanan. Anyway, where are magic meteorites and magic beanstalks that can cut off the magic of the meteorites, or something like that, and Shangri La, I mean, Edenland is discovered, though I feel bad about this battle being taken to them, if it is. But, finally, they have a goal, and just in time for the finale.

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