Mieruko-chan and Laika 7, Takt and Nakama 6-7,

Sometimes I want to step into a show where there are misunderstandings and just straighten everybody out. It frustrates me when two or more characters who should be on the same page are not, for comic effect, and especially if the misunderstanding drags along for too long. For Mieruko-chan I would say “Okay, Yulia, you can see some of the ghouls but not all of them, and Miko can see all of them, so she can see big scary ones you can’t. Also, she’s quite nice and has no intention of hurting you. In fact, you two ought to get together and talk.” Alas, Mieruko-chan seems to have no intention of enlightening anyone on anything. So Yulia now believes that Miko has godlike powers to dispel ghouls, where in fact it was another ghoul doing the dispelling, by eating the smaller ghouls. Also, since this show is still billed as a comedy (a stretch, though Hana’s “boobecue” scenes were funny), you can guess that the creators won’t set everything straight maybe ever, because it would ruin the, er, fun. So are we now condemned to simply watch more comic misunderstandings while ghouls wander around? The only mystery that the show seems required to answer is the question of the shrine … gods? Mascots? Assistants? And why they showed up again, why they each held up a finger, and the question of “three times.” I hope the show answers that at least.

Takt stares lankily at a jazz bar.

Takt op. Destiny 6 takes us to New Orleans, and for once there is not even a hint of a D2 attack. Instead, Anna and Cosette go to pick up groceries, helps the grocer by making deliveries, rescues a kitten, meets an older woman who mistakes Anna for her lost daughter, and generally make themselves useful in a town where there are no young people anymore. Meanwhile, Takt sniffs out a jazz bar and makes HIMSELF useful by playing “Rhapsody in Blue” for a bunch of old guys. Though Destiny says earlier that there are no D2s around, normally I would be worried–they tend to show up when you don’t expect. But this time I didn’t feel concerned. It was clear from the start that this would be a peaceful episode where the family, such as they are, make connections with people around them and slightly improve their life. It was also nice to hear Destiny talk about her appreciation for her companions, even Takt. We do get a few worrisome things, a late scene where some higher-up whom I’ve forgotten or never met, is overjoyed that learn that the son of Ken (The Rooster) is still alive, and there’s a flashback to Takt’s rescue, and one of the rescuers was that crazy musicart Hell. Stuff for later, not this episode.

Takt talks lankily to Destiny.

For a while, episode 7 looks like it was going to be another peaceful episode, with Takt trying to compose a song and Destiny off handing out candy to little kids, then talking a few things out. But you know it won’t last. We get a scene with Sagan (that guy from last episode, telling Shindler that Takt is more important than him. Maybe it worked on a fear–at the end of the episode Shindler reveals his real plan, killing unnecessary people because society can’t sustain everyone, so maybe he’s fearful of being one of the unnecessary people. Well, that’s part of it. As for Takt, he learns Shindler was responsible for the attack that “killed” Cosette, so he’s in sort of a murderous rage at the end, too. How much you want to be that Lenny/Titan and/or Walkure will show up to help our overmatched duo? The question of usefulness takes a new angle when we consider Destiny. Is she more useful now as a musicart, and should Cosette be forgotten? Like that poor woman in episode 6, Anna and Takt can never completely forget Cosette or even acknowledge that she’s gone. I wonder if Takt, realizing that his unfinished song should be for Cosette, will play it later, and how will it effect Destiny?

I understand that, compared to the testing and training, actual spaceflights back then were comparatively brief. However, I didn’t expect Irina’s flight in Tsuki to Laika to Nosferatu to start and finish in one episode. In fact, I was a little surprised that they got to it so quickly. Anyway, the episode builds a good tension during the pre-flight preparations, Lev being released from jail after Franz’s treachery was discovered and able to attend the launch. Not sure what Lev carrying Irina’s gemstone was supposed to mean … The launch was also a tense affair after they lost contact with Irina, and her coming back on and reading the borscht recipe was both a little funny, relieved the tension, and led to a nice little section where Irina’s just floating up there, while her craft turns round and round … it would have made me sick, but I’m not a cosmonaut, or even an astronaut.

That’s one small step for a borscht …

Of course, re-entry promised a new set of issues, and the show uses them. She lands off-course and naturally Lev charges out on a motorcycle to look for her and nearly kills himself. But it’s all right. No charred vampires to discover here. So THAT’s done, and as I said, rather quickly. The preview suggests that next episode will have Irina basking in hidden glory for a while, but there’s still the question of what they’re going to do with her. There are five episodes to go. Is it all going to be intrigue with a doomed romance? I have no idea what the show will do next.

Uh, you’re supposed to be preparing antidotes.

Shin no Nakama 6 is a hodgepodge with growing threat. First a guy collapses from OD’ing on that narcotic. The doctor asks Red to cook up more medicine, so Red and Rit go off camping … Then some of Albert’s party go berserk and Rit has to fight them. The kids visit and we learn more about how the “blessings” in this world work. One of Ares’ group, searching for Red, teams up with what looks to be an evil guy. We also get Ruti talking to the new party member about not feeling anything, a cute flashback of Ruti and Red as kids, and finally the doctor shows up with an injured Al. In other words, none of the scenes feel really connected, but you get the impression that stuff’s about to get worse.

That was unexpected.

And in ep7 things get a little confusing. That bully kid, Ademi, seems to have attacked Al’s parents, and Tanta is then dragged away for questioning, though he’s released. The townspeople are up in arms and want Ademi’s head, and it seems to be instigated by some guy named Bighawk, who also sends a minion to give Al a sword that may be tracking him. And Danan shows up to help Rit, who’s off searching for clues about the drug and gets waylaid. He’s on the good guys’ side, so why doesn’t he want Red to know he’s around? Elsewhere, people we met briefly episodes ago show up, more townspeople are introduced, and it’s all a big mess. At least Red’s old team finally manage to find their ultimate weapon, which is an airship and looks like a lot of fun to fly. However, no idea where the story is going, apart from Rit’s fear that she and Red won’t share the happy, peaceful life they both crave. Of course not, it’s a fantasy adventure series.

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