Some episode 2s

As Akane says, is this a confession?

Time to catch up with episode twos, starting with Rikei ga Koi ni Ochita no de Shoumei shitemita. Heart, where our lovebirds Himura and Yukimura, are shattered to learn their oxytocin levels, in spite of all their earnestness, are still no match for Suiu and Chris’s. This is no surprise, but the question is why? Do they actually not love each other, and if they don’t, at least by the numbers, will the go their separate ways? That’s ridiculous. But what is the reason, and most important, can we wipe the smug smile off Chris’s face? The show dallies with more oxytocin stuff in order to produce some fantasies (for us) of Himuro and Akane, thank you very much, not to mention the dramatic confrontation sequences. Finally Yukimura hits upon the answer and whips out some Helen Fisher, who said that romantic love only lasts three years at most, and it’s replaced by a stable, mutual sensation that produces more oxytocin, which explains the differences between the couples, I think. Though I prefer Chris’s final assessment: Yukimura found a sound, alternate theory that fits the facts, i.e., he’ll do anything to keep Himuro. … You know, sooner or later the show really ought to deal with Ibarada and Kosuke. I guess they’re getting around to it, judging by Himura’s speech on celestial bodies that has nothing to do with them. Really.

I was hoping that a new character would bring some life to Aharen-san wa Hakarenai, and Oshiro, jealous stalker old friend of Aharen, has her moments. The trouble is she tends to run away right when things get interesting, or we get long bits where she’s stalking. The umbrella scene was also difficult. Why was Oshiro so shy about lending Aharen her umbrella if they’re such old friends? It doesn’t help when the side character adds to the annoyances rather than cover for them. And the rest of the episode was hard to watch. The eye drops scene and the closing Reversi game were all right, but then we had an endless scene where Aharen tries to let Raido know his fly is open. I almost skipped ahead. Let’s see, I could drop the show or wait one more episode. For now I’ll hang on and see if things get any better. In spite of everything, it’s cute.

Meet Sonia.

I almost decided to drop Healer Girl, but decided at the last minute to at least try episode 2, and while it was more or less the same thing as episode 1, I found myself enjoying it. I’m not sure why. In it, we meet two of Kana’s classmates (well, the classroom next door), Sonia and Shinobu. The former is from Europe and feels that the exchange student rules are unfair and that she should be a Class S healer rather than a Class C. And she’s determined to outdo Karasama. Shinobu is around to temper her wilder moments. She gets her chance to do some healing when a pregnant woman experiences some bad pangs … and along with Kana, fails. Luckily Karasama is around to show them how it’s done. Strange imagery during the healing song, the inexperienced girls’ attempt only puts them on a pillar crumbling over lava, while Karasama’s puts the woman on a grassy field. The song isn’t much, a bland ballad like the rest, but the switches between the imagery and real life remind us that we’re watching a medical procedure … of sorts. Maybe that’s it. The show knows well when to go dreamy and when to bring us back to earth.

That surprised me, too.

Yuusha, Yamemasu 2 has Leo (or Godhart or Lord Onyx, depending on his mood) starting his work, which for the moment easing the load on Shutina, who seems to be running the place singlehandedly and not delegating responsibilities enough. Leo helps by replenishing the mana generators in a roundabout way–saying he’ll do it himself and then getting someone else to do it and then showing that to Shutina. The setup is clumsy. He loafs around, infuriating Shutina until the servant Dionette comes in to say the job’s done. Meanwhile he talks a lot about delegating. And he gets all flirty. Shutina is shocked and pleased in turn, by his impressive work, not the flirting, though I wonder if they’re setting something up there. In fact, the flirting, ill-timed as it was, was more fun than his lessons in management. Next week he goes off with Lily to get a shipment of supplies through. Hopefully we’ll see more action there.

Kongming has a plan.

Paripi Koumei 2 also has the newbie starting work. Kongming, wishing to do reconnaissance, takes Eiko to a big club to see the fabulous Mia Iriomote perform. There’s talk about the BPM, like last time, but they drop it after Mio’s performance, strangely. They introduce themselves to Mia, who feigns interest and invites Eiko to perform at a special show–three floors, a ton of acts, only Eiko is set to perform at the same time as the popular Mia, meaning Mia (who is extremely unpleasant) will have no competition. Kongming sets up a counter strategy, the “stone sentinal maze,” i.e., once the audience comes in, they can’t easily find the exit. So far I like two things about this show. The first is Kongming’s tactical skills and unflappability. When he encounters a setback he immediately works on a counter-attack. Second is the trust he has in Eiko. Sure, he can lead the crowd to Eiko’s stage, but Eiko is the one who has to keep them there, which she does. Oh, a third reason: the shady bar owner who helps them both.

I like this teacher.

Meanwhile, it’s Ard’s first day of school in Shijou Saikyou no Daimaou, Murabito A ni Tensei Suru. He takes an entrance exam and gets everything wrong because his answers are so profound that they open up new possibilities in magic! Then we meet the class jerks, who are abusing a poor succubus girl, Ginny, who used to be their servant. There’s a duel and blah-blah-blah. I think I saw this very same plot in an isekai a season or two ago. The only thing different is their teacher, Olivia, whom Ard knew in his previous incarnation, who has suspicions about Ard’s power. Ard wants to keep his identity a secret, but forgets he knows magic the rest of the world has forgotten … Frankly, Olivia’s more scary than any of the monsters or rivals Ard has encountered so far, so that’s a fun edge to this otherwise routine isekai series.

It’s not Hiyori’s first day on the job in Heroine Taru Mono!, but she’s still learning the ropes. Basically the show has Hiyori running from school to track practice to her part-time job dealing with two surly idol boys who just happen to be her classmates, with overlap. She has to keep an eye on the boys at school and interfere when things go wrong, like too many fangirls or one of the inevitable fights. Meanwhile the boys constantly insult her. Luckily, for her and for us watching, Hiyori isn’t impressed by idols, will fight back when necessary, and has a ton of energy and work ethic. To her, these aren’t heartthrobs but rather petulant young men. We learn that Aizo has a problem with women, and Yujiro just has a bad attitude toward things, apart from their work, which they’re both devoted to. The best scene doesn’t involve Hiyori at all, but LipxLip’s appearance on a radio show with bigger stars, one of them breaking the illusion of idols and telling LipxLip that they’re fake. Well, the whole idol business is based on lies gratefully accepted … Prediction: “Chutan,” the mega-fan who even sends LipxLip’s manager and CEO fan letters, will be someone we’ve already met. Maybe the quiet Chizuru.

And so, Arc gains a new little friend. Two if you count Marca.

Gaikotsu Kishi-sama starts with the same content warning it had last time, but in episode 2 nothing much is terribly objectionable, just some dead monsters. Arc jovially greets us and then goes off on his first quest from the guild, protecting a village girl named Marca while she picks herbs. A low-level job, just what he wants. Naturally there is more going on, and we get the first long-arc point as the giant basilisk he defeats has a black and red band on its leg which vanishes when it dies. But that’s for later. Right now it’s Arc and Marca off in the woods generally having a peaceful time until the basilisk shows up. And a giant boar. But it’s a happy ending apart (boar meat for all!) from that little plot point and some army commander who discovers the basilisk corpse and wonders who could have done it. Like other shows in this post, it looks like the hero’s secret won’t be a secret for long.

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