I throw some ep3s at you to hide the fact that some shows are on ep4


Onto the threes (shut up about my tardiness). Healer Girl keeps working to keep what could be a maudlin setting and make it fun. First it’s studying for the big exam, much of it set to music, of course, and the best part is we don’t get to see the exam take place. But that’s just act 1. Next, the girls are so burned out from the exam that all they can do is stumble around and sing odd notes. This is funny enough, but Karasama’s plan to snap them back to themselves is entering them in a city athletic festival, where they STILL sing everything. Mind you, there’s little if any accompaniment when they do, and rivals Sonia and Shinobu aren’t singing, or anyone else, which makes it even funnier. So suddenly we got a typical athletic festival story going, with Reimi and Sonia the biggest trash-talkers, or trash-singers, your pick. It plays out predictably, the girls return to normal, and we’ve completely forgotten that they’re waiting for the exam results. Karasama’s plan not only worked on the girls, but on us.

No wonder Ibarada prefers the lab.

Rikekoi (tired of cutting and pasting these long names) has an annoying bit with Yukimura and Himura in the middle, with the latter catching a cold and the former rushing over to her apartment and being an idiot, leading Himura to hide him under her comforter when Kanade shows up. An invented moment of tension which goes nowhere. I guess the show thought so to, because they cut away quickly enough. But we also get a cute memory of Himura being cared for by her mom, perhaps setting up a contrast with the episode’s main character Ibarada. We learn that her home life is dark. she has a drunken, sullen mom who’s not good for anything, no wonder she prefers the university. The thought of giving this loli stereotype character a compelling backstory took me by surprise. Anyway, she agrees to go post-doc so she can be around the white lab coats and sunshine. The best parts of the episode concern Ibarada showing Kosuke, using estimate technique taken from Peter Backus, who got it from Frank Drake, who got it from Fermi, that his chances of getting a girlfriend who matches his standards are practically nil, except for Ibarada herself, of course, since the show has been teasing that for a while now. BTW, apparently Backus actually got a girlfriend, so there’s hope for us all.

Yuusha Yamemasu … well, not much to say. Leo accompanies Lily on a supply mission which, in regular hands, should be easy. Every race is friendly to every other one, and loyal to the demon side. But Lily has no understanding of organization or logistics, so the willing hands in Largo are misused and frustrated. Leo fakes an illness to get Lily off to get herbs, where he has set traps, so surely she’ll figure out she needs teamwork, right? But she blasts through the traps single-handed, and only in the end does Leo realize that all he needed to do was suggest better options to her, but surely he was doing that from the start, right? Well, I guess we’ll move on to the next general next time, or not, as apparently Leo in Lord Onyx form has been ordered to see Queen Echidna …

Kongming has learned that it’s fine to sometimes party between battles.

Paripi Koumei for now seems to have settled into a challenge-of-the-week for Eiko and Kongming, unless I’m wrong and those guys we see at the end are going to elevate her themselves. This week it’s a music festival, and naturally Eiko is stuck on a side stage where no one will see her, with the popular band Jet Jacket taking a nearby stage. So it’s stratagems again, faking equipment failures until a lull in the JJ set. The difference is that Jet Jacket, while being kind of jerks, have no malice against Eiko, no agenda. They’re pleased that the act next door is unknown and seems to have tech problems because they want to take it easy before a bigger concert tomorrow, but that’s as far as it goes. That’s surely the reason that Kongming is nice to them at the end, asking them to sign a T-shirt and even offering their singer some throat syrup. Again it’s fun to watch Kongming’s confident scheming and Eiko’s uncomplicated enthusiasm. But what the hell was that about with the rabbit? Is it a Three Kingdoms reference? I gotta catch up on my Chinese history …

Ah, the difficult life of a harem leader.

Shijou Saikyou no Daimaou Murabito A ni Tensei Suru 3 is the silliest episode of the three so far, and because of that the most fun to watch. Ard is still trying to keep a low profile, but the headmaster wants him to participate in a battle before the queen, and Olivia still has her suspicions. This problem goes away pretty quickly, though, when Ard is persuaded to go on a double-date with Ireena and Ginny and sees a play about the heroics of his past life, including Lydia, in the play a soft flower and not the battle-crazy warrior gal he remembers. That silliness done with, the three are roped into a kidnapping scheme, the motives for are not explained. Ard dispatches the villains easily, in front of a crowd, so further damaging any hope of going incognito in this world, especially when the three then get an audience with the queen, who requests, jokingly (yeah, right) that Ard get her pregnant. “Dame!” says Ireena, while Ginny has no problem with the harem concept. As I said, sillier and sillier, and good fun. Oh, the bad guys still have plans, if any of that matters.

Komi-san2 2 is all sketches with no big story unfolding, unless you count the possible Komi/Tadano romance, which is miles away. They play with it a little, with a “Say ‘I love you’ and if they react, you win” game, where Tadano can’t bring himself to say it to Komi, or rather, cracks up himself, a disqualification in Najimi’s eyes, leaving us all to wonder what Komi’s reaction would have been if he HAD said it. Elsewhere there’s a ridiculous bit where Yadano is obsessed with seeing Komi’s panties. While Yamai is the one character in the show I don’t like, the scene is good for slapstick. The saddest bit is a visit to a cat cafe, but the cats are all scared of Komi, until the boss cat takes control of things. The show is so well set up by now that it can jump straight to the cat’s POV without warning, and to the audience, no surprise at all. Oh, and to flesh out the other characters, three of the boys imagine dates with each of the girls they like, including Najimi. Again, the show hops gleefully from one scene to the next with no loss of energy and hardly any lags.

Her stomach growled, you see.

For two episodes of Heroine Taru Mono we’ve seen Yujiro and Aizo mainly as jerks, but now they get the opportunity to be decent to Hiyori and they take advantage. In fact, much of the episode is devoted to Hiyori needing help, rare for this bundle of energy. First it’s exams and they help her strategize what to study. Then there’s a shoot with Yumeru, who, in order to be mean, makes Hiyori trip and spill coffee on Yumeru’s dress. I really didn’t see the point of that. She wanted to get closer to LipxLip, either lip would do, so she messes with their staff? TO see Hiyori doing her manager job as a threat to her intentions is just ludicrous. Fortunately the boys are on to her, and Hiyori, down in the dumps, gets the support she needs again. Nice to see the boys lighten up on her, even if they still tease her all the time. The problem is now Hiyori might be developing crushes on them. Surely she can do better than these petulant lads.

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