Various threes

Meet Ariane.

Gaikotsu Kishi-sama, Tadaima Isekai e Odekake-chuu is beginning to get on my nerves. Not the story, which is about average for an isekai, okay, slightly below average, but because of the sexual cruelty the show has the female victims undergo. In this episode we start with Arc being overly jolly (Arc’s jolliness actually helps lift the show a little) while taking out a den of bandits, only to be attacked by Ariane, that dark elf we’ve seen glimpses of and since she’s in the credits, bound to be a main character. She backs off because she sees Ponta and mentions stuff about the elf slave trade and tells him not to interfere. Naturally, he winds up interfering when he can’t bear to see some elf-girls in trouble from bandits. Here’s where the cruelty bit comes in, as their leader Udolan gives the girls cuts and threatens more if she doesn’t comply with what he wants, and then Ariane is forced into the same situation. We’re waiting for Arc to come in, but he always takes his damn time so the villains have more chances to gloat and leer. Well, finally he steps in and there’s no problem. Next week it’s an elf-slave market. I just hope it’s not a repeat of the same situations.


After the problems our gang in Mahou Tsukai Reimeiki experiences last week, the capable and bloodthirsty arbiter, Kudo losing his hands and tail, etc, the show takes half an episode to relax. First, thanks to magic, Kudo gets his limbs and tail back, then the inevitable onsen scene where Los sees no problem with bathing with the men, and naturally we get to see Hort naked. Also some Kudo backstory and talk of beastfallen … frankly, I barely pay attention to this show’s backstory. Maybe it’s a good sign that I’m more interested in what happens to the characters next, especially Los, who has become not just a silly-voiced loli character but also the team’s “mom.” Anyway, they rescue a kid from another fearsome mercenary, who backs off, and we’ll meet both him and the kid’s dad next week. Though I wonder just how every bad guy they encounter seems to know about the team’s mission. I wish we knew more about the witch, mage, and everyone else’s situation in that part of the world.

They’re trying.

Spy x Family 3 has Yor moving in and a lot of cute domestic scenes with Anya, but Loid is more concerned with the upcoming interview. How do they pass off as being a real family when the situation is actually so weird? Go on an “ooting” of course! It helps a little, at least to others they appear to be a nice upper-middle class family, even when Yor and Loid go on crazy stunts to catch a purse snatcher. That’s the interesting thing about the episode. Loid knows he shouldn’t attract attention to himself, being a spy and all, but he is pulled into action by Yor and Anya, and winds up enjoying the praise, a bit. Little by little we see him actually settle into the role of Family Man, and I suppose fun will be had watching this conflict with his mission. Yor, of course, has the same problem. Meanwhile, Anya sees it all but hardly understands it and acts on her imagination. Low-key episode compared to the explosions last episode, but an important one in that we see the three bond.

Izumi’s parents applaud Shikimori’s preventing Izumi from getting stabbed by a fork.

Speaking of bonding, Kawaii Dake janai Shikimori-san has Shikimori visit Izumi’s home and, well, doesn’t meet his parents but at least sees them again. It’s all nice, but I was more worried about Izumi’s wallet. Naturally, he loses it when they’re out on a movie date (the usual “what should I wear?” bits for Izumi, the scary movie and Izumi gets scared, but Shikimori’s right there …, the usual date stuff). If my wallet went missing I’d be frantic. I got my ID in there, my train pass, credit cards, not to mention my money! I suppose Izumi knows better by now and carries the bare minimum with him. The visit to Izumi’s house allows his mother and Shikimori to talk, the best bit being the mom wondering where Izumi gets his bad luck from, while nearly dropping a plate and earlier almost stabbing Izumi with a flying fork, which Shikimori naturally catches. And so the parents approve of Shikimori, well, they did already. Not many intense Shikimori scenes this time, but it’s a decent episode anyway.

Komi-san speaks! Too bad it’s a fantasy sequence.

Komi-san2 3’s vignettes go the usual funny to sweet, with nothing much dragging it down, apart from Komi’s attempts to buy roasted sweet potatoes and meeting Tadano along the way. And, well, Makoto’s further attempts to make friends is a one joke-gag gone on too long, but at least there he settles down enough to relax a little and sign Komi’s book. In the funnier moments we get a bit where Yamai and Nakanaka try to guess what Komi’s thinking, Tadano doing his usual solid straight-man work as he shoots their ridiculous ideas down, and where DID they get those whiteboards, anyway? Elsewhere there is another chapter of “Which girl would you want to date,” from the boys, this time starring Onemine and Kaede in cute domestic and romantic scenes. It’s actually fun to see the girls as the boys imagine them, and in fully admiring ways. As usual, Komi is the difficult one, and all the boy can do is imagine a historical adventure scene, where Komi actually speaks the longest and fullest sentences the show has seen yet. It’s the first time we actually get to hear the voice actress do anything beyond gasping and squeaking …

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