Summer 2022 4

I think that’s the gateway to the next world.

Kuro no Shoukanshi has Kelvin as the one reincarnated to a fantasy world. We learn that he gave up his memories in order to get some higher stats, a decision he celebrates and regrets in turn, both admiring his former self for his game-smarts and regretting his contract with the reincarnation goddess Melfina, who was flattered by his praise. We’ll get more on her later, I’m sure, but right now she cheerfully guides him around, to the town, to the adventurer’s guild, and gives him tips on his first assignment, knocking off a few slime and making a contract with one. Oh, there are slaves on this world, too, and he makes eye contact with a half-elf, so we can guess who one of his future companions will be, along with Clotho his slime buddy. Oh, he’s also a summoner, a very rare skill that Melfina recommends he keep secret for now.

At least he feels a little guilty.

Apart from the agreed-upon amnesia, this is about as basic an isekai series as it gets. We’ve seen all the scenes before, the cute slimes, the inn, etc, but there was nothing particularly boring about any of them; the episode moved along and I was a little surprised when it ended–“Was that really 25 minutes?” Kelvin has not only played the games before, but he’s not greedy. He’s prudent and satisfied to slowly work his way up the adventurer ladder, happy for the challenges each day will bring him. And while he’s overpowered (though without the MP to fully utilize his powers), he still has trouble with the slimes and doesn’t know his way around. Nothing wrong with a happy adventurer series. Not sure if I’ll want to watch more, but the first episode wasn’t bad.

A person will keel over here soon.

Another isekai show next: Isekai Yakkyoku, where we spend a little more time than usual in our world, watching Kanji, a world-class pharmacologist, work himself to death, driven by childhood memories of his adorable little sister who died of cancer. Now that we have the background, we watch him wake up as Farma, a noble son with great potential in the medical discipline of whatever magic-fantasy world he now finds himself in. The backstory is that Farma got hit by lightning the day before, and so his confusion about where he is is attributed to that. Oh, he has a mark on both arms that he claims is a Lichtenberg figure but others claim is a mark by Pancratheus, the god of medicine or something. Anyway, he spends much of his time relearning the knowledge he’s supposed to have, and the magic to boot. During a lesson with his tutor Elen he shows power far greater than he had before, so much so that it freaks poor Elen out (she breaks her glasses twice, though she only had one pair). So the episode ends.

Of course I’m not actually a reincarnated guy from another world who has otherworldly powers. Can’t be.

How he’s going to explain this to everyone in the academy is one issue, but we suspect that his advanced knowledge of chemistry, the knowledge of molecules and elements, is certainly the cause and will be his greatest strength unless he’s chased out for being a demon. In terms of the story, I can’t tell where it’s going but I do know that he’s going to open a pharmacy that helps poor people. Since he’s surrounded by luxury and is still a kid it will be a while before we get to that part. The discovery of his powers and what he can do with them, since they are more closely based to actual science, is interesting to watch and, if I choose to watch more, might actually be educational, not that I’d follow a show for education unless it’s important, like love or children’s snacks. As for the story itself, it’s just a start. I hope he manages to get out of those nobleman clothes and into a lab coat, or whatever they wear in this world, quickly. Not sure I have the patience for that.

The red marble is the demon world, I assume. You can’t see the blue one yet.

While I’m not as excited as for Made in Abyss, another show makes a welcome return: Hataraku Maou-Sama!! (note the two exclamation points). I barely remember the events of the previous season, but it really doesn’t matter much. All the former demons and heroes are back doing their usual stuff, getting deadbeat Luci … I mean Urushihara to do some chores, encountering a cockroach that freaks everyone out, and bickering a lot. But work seems to be going well for everyone, no crises there. The only surprise is that a mysterious woman in the demon world sends a glowing orb to this world that turns into a golden apple (fortunately for Maou, who was about to get clobbered by Emila for mocking her sports bra, how the heroes and demons have fallen!), and a little baby appears that calls Maou her dad and Emila her mother.

The kid fingers her father.

Not sure I like having a baby in the mix. She’s just going to be cute and screw everything up. Still, everyone is around and doing stuff, including Chi, I’m happy to say. Time for a new season, even if I can’t remember who some of the more obscure characters are …

There are a couple more shows I might watch, but they’re a week away and I want to get this out …

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