Some 2s, even though 3s are coming out.

LIttle do they know …

On to episode 2s, starting with Lycoris Recoil, with about as good a second episode as the first. The girls get an assignment, to escort a hacker named Walnut (who owned the apartment we saw blow up in episode 1) to a safe place while another hacker, Robota, sends goons to kill him. Chisato is just as carefree as the last episode, and it got on my nerves a little. I wish she could worry more about the missions. As it is, Robota hacks Walnut’s car and soon they’re all about to fall into the ocean, but don’t. Then a standoff in an abandoned supermarket between them and the goons. I have to say I enjoyed the action here, especially when Chisato and Takina spring into action, these bits are sudden, and their actions are focused and determined, even when Chisato stops to bind the wound of one of the goons. I don’t really buy her avoiding the bullets by stepping aside, though, cool as it was. I can’t say much more or it will ruin the story, but my big question is what the hell Yoshi is all about–who’s side is he on? He blew up an apartment, oversees the hunt for Walnut, and then hangs out at the coffee shop chatting with Mika; apparently they have a history. Well, we’ll find out.

Yuji meets his new slime buddies.

Tensei Kenja no Isekai Life 2, mostly taking place at night and in shadows, is nevertheless a little ludicrous. Yuji comes to another town and takes a job with a team out to investigate a dragon. We got Rodis, a gruff guy, and two girls named Tina and Lisa. All fighters, so they leave Yuji to track, well, unbeknownst to the rest of the party, the slimes and the wolf do the tracking and report back to him. At one point we get a brief flashback to Yuji first waking up in another world, and his complete nonchalance. Maybe he’s seen too many isekai shows too. The slimes are more than happy to be tamed, and he picks up whatever skills they know. It’s like they were expecting him to show up, which might be foreshadowing, or maybe the show doesn’t care. Anyway, we happily jump back to now, and it seems that Rodis has actually set a trap for Yuji and the girls, which Yuji recognizes, and with the slimes and some magic the bad guys are defeated rather easily. Yuji’s been in this world for a week, and all we know is that the slimes do everything for him. Tina and Lisa are bemused at all this. BTW, we didn’t see the girls fight at all. Are they any good? Is this show any good? Too soon to tell.

Fortunately for Alto, she’s invisible.

Kinsou no Vermeil introduces us to some new characters. First, the unpleasant upperclassman Rex Forward, annoyed that Vermeil roughed up his dragon when it rampaged, wants revenge … and is defeated of course, the typical asshole upperclassman bit and all. But there were two good things about it. First, Vermeil and Alto team up to beat the dragon, thanks to that mana they’re swapping around; Alto shows some of his skills. Second, rather than storming off saying “This isn’t over!” Rex actually admits defeat and apologizes. In fact, I was annoyed that Lilia threw a couple insults at him afterwards, when she hadn’t done anything. After that we meet Alto’s classmate Marx, a flamboyant and rather useless character, though sometimes fun to watch, a friendly rival type, and the calm Cheryl, who looks after Marx for some reason. After that it’s naked time with Vermeil back in the dorm, and then for Lilia as she takes an invisibility potion and strips to sneak past a cerebus that is guarding a magic flower … So that’s two characters who have stripped for Alto’s embarrassment and our titillation. I wonder how many more will, and will I still be watching.

Yume makes a friend.

Mamahaha no Tsurego ga Motokano Datta seems bent on repairing the emotional damage that drove Mizuto and Yume apart in middle school, from Yume’s point of view. She is still upset that once, when she was sick, Mizuto promised to hold hands but ducked out when she fell asleep. So this time when she gets sick, she lies about her recovery and makes him do things for her. Mizuto might be on to this and lets her do it for a while, then tells her the jig is up. Hard to say what’s in Mizuto’s head, but I think he sort of wants to make amends for that time, or maybe he’s matured enough, and sensitive enough, to see that Yume needs this pampering from him, and as he says, they’re siblings now. Rather a sweet sequence even though I’m not crazy about Yume’s manipulative nature. Elsewhere we meet two side characters, one being Kogure, who tries to befriend Mizuto for reasons we’re not sure about, and Yume gets Akatsuki, friendly and outgoing, who’s a little too curious about Mizuto and Yume’s past, and might have a thing for Mizuto she’s holding back, but it all comes off as honest and benign. Sadly the two sidekicks do their bits and get pushed aside for the Yume/Mizuto scenes. I don’t care much for Kogure, but Akatsuki might be an interesting character in the future.

And she’s not thrilled.

Isekai Ojisan introduces Fujimiya, a childhood friend of Takafumi’s, reunited after a chance meeting on the street. This added a little variety but not much. The first half was more of Uncle’s obsession with Sega products, a gray, depressing New Year’s Eve, and more sad scenes of Uncle’s time in the other world where he could have developed relationships with a second girl, but misunderstanding her intentions gives her stupid advice about becoming a recluse, and she leaves, happily though. The second half was pretty much the same as the first except now we have Fujimiya reacting in shock and disgust to everything Uncle says. I should add that it sounds like I’m bored with this show, but Uncle’s stories and Takafumi’s reactions, not to mention the timing of the gags, still manage to carry things, but how long will that last? Looking forward to the tsudere elf to show up.

Just another scary new thing in the Abyss.

Made in Abyss 2 2 doesn’t focus on horrors, well, depends on your definition, but instead of mysterious things and looming dangers, and the usual strange, deadly wonders. Riko, Reg, and Nanachi wander around the 6th level, mostly uncharted, so they have to rely on the small clues from Lyza’s book. The things they run into are usually small an grotesque, like the eggs that have things inside that still move as you eat them, but are apparently tasty. The a fireball shower, a huge pegasus thing, birds that snatch away their communication balloon and then Riko finds that Prushka, the thing she wears, is missing, and while they’re tracking down the thief discover dead animals with their butts sewn shut, which reveal hairs from Riko’s head and Nanachi’s fur … I shouldn’t have eaten before watching this. This leads us to a possibly terrible thing ahead, but what we get is a strange little city with a friendly robot dog thing and little furry things–and a zinger in the voiceover. Though most of the episode is in bright light, there’s a palpable danger we feel throughout, and I gave a sigh of relief every time they step into a new place and look at it with wonder and not alarm.

Yofukashi no Uta 2 is still fun, but the situation, where Ko and Nanakusa, or Nazuna-cha–I mean, san, continue to banter, and we find out little things, like that Ko’s bite scars are ecchi to Nazuna and please keep them hidden, please, even though she did it to him in the first place. Then there’s Ko’s desire to fall in love with Nazuna so she can turn him into a vampire, and it makes me wonder a couple of things: is Ko simply using Nazuna to achieve his aims, and also, how did Nazuna become a vampire? Did she fall in love with one before? This is mixed in with talk about cell phones and transceivers, and a sad little story about Ko buying a set of the latter but having no friends to communicate with … Though Ko says he’s fine with being lonely. Then a kinky bit at his high school at night. Still, it’s getting a little stale, and they even have room for a musical interlude in the middle. We need more characters, and we get one at the very end, as we learn just who picked up Ko’s other transceiver from long ago.

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