Threes and fours: Lycoris, Tensei Kenja, Vermeil, Ojisan

C’mon Takina, lighten up!

Lycoris Recoil moves away from caper of the week to have Chisato and Takina go off to a secret base, for Chisato to renew her license, and for Takina to confront Kusunoki the boss. But the point of the story is a little revenge. Fuki, the lycoris who slugged Takina for disobeying orders is there, as is Sakura, Takina’s annoying replacement. There’s talk of moving on from the past and then we get a duel between the two teams, which, frankly, Chisato could have won on her own–grumpy Takina shows up at the last minute, and gets to slug Yuki. We see more of Chisato’s bullet dodging and a lame explanation by Kusunoki, well, it’s fun to look at. So while Takina doesn’t get her desire to be reinstated as a Lycoris, both girls go home satisfied. A couple of interesting bits is meeting Erika, the lycoris who was taken prisoner then rescued and nearly killed by Takino, but there’s no resolution for her guilt, and she chooses not to meet Takina. As for Chisato, if she’s so good why isn’t she still with the team at the base? Is it her attitude, that mess about the tower? We suspect that beneath her carefree exterior there’s more going on.

Some wild mood swings in this episode.

Episode 4 is a strange mix. Most of it is Chisato discovering that Takina is wearing men’s underwear, Mika’s to boot. So it’s off shopping for panties and other clothes. And food. And an aquarium, and in each place Chisato makes a happy fool of herself and Takina … SMILES! More than once, too! Oh, there’s more bonding and we learn why Chisato left the DA. She’s looking for someone. That’s the tie-in to a more serious bit with Mika and the mysterious Yoshi talking about their mysterious past, and it seems that Yoshi is the one Chisato is looking for, though he and the guy in the picture with the owl pendant Chisato now owns look noting alike. Then things get stranger still, when a green-haired asshole named Majima and some goons shoot up a train, only to find it full of gun-firing lycoris, who are mostly blown up but kill all the goons. That’s certainly a mood-killer, and so when we get back to Chisato and Takina’s antics it’s hard to watch it the same way. Even when Takina actually laughs. Well, we got our next story arc anyway, and an answer to where at least some of the guns went.

Like he’ll listen …

Tensei Kenja no Isekai Life snuck three episodes past me somehow, but I’ll only do two for now. In episode 3 the trio are off to investigate an earth dragon, walking through canyon with strange winds. While they’re doing that the sky grows dark and another dragon shows up, a big blue one which legends say will destroy the continent. While retreating from that threat, the dragon, the earth one, that is, shows up and Yuji manages to kill it while Tina and Lisa cower and do nothing, just like they’ve done in every episode so far. Back in town Yuji’s called to a meeting where they make plans to kill the dragon, the blue one, that is, while the slimes report that it keeps getting bigger. Meanwhile, we learn of a ritual done thirty years ago to summon a divine spirit for some reason thirty years in the future, guess who that is, and he’s given a magic knife to help. So there will be a big battle tomorrow, and I wonder if Tina and Lisa’s uselessness will make them dragon fodder. It wouldn’t surprise me at all.

Yuji battles a dragon …

Well, they dodged that point easily enough. In ep4 the girls don’t have to go into battle at all, and neither does anyone else, because Yuji didn’t wait and vanquished the dragon that very night. Then he leaves town leaving the girls behind. At least they made it a tough battle, with mana points going to the negatives, though it didn’t seem to keep him from casting spells. That little knife helped too. The only interesting thing about the battle was the aftermath, where Rayard wakes Yuji up the morning after and, after filling him in and not referring to this particular incident, mentions that it’s perfectly okay to ask for help sometimes, i.e, don’t always try to do things by yourself. Just friendly advice from a fellow warrior, but it’s clear he knows what Yuji did, and is scolding him mildly–they WANTED to help. We also get a sense that this desire to do everything himself led to his exhaustion and death in his previous life. But if you’re so ridiculously overpowered, what do you do? After that Yuji helps the dryad pick mushrooms, gets some healing potions out of it, and then wanders off the path to find a strange village of smiling people who are plotting something, and past the village a snow-swept scene. So begins the next story arc.

… Alto and Vermeil battle a girl AND a dragon.

Kinsou no Vermeil 3 has lots of dragons too. They belong to the, er, dragon team, the ones Rex belonged to until he said “fuck this!” and was beaten up by Captain Chris, a cold-hearted dragonrider who looks down on everyone because when she’s flying on her dragon, they look down at everyone, or so her story goes. Geez, Rex can’t get a break, even when he’s doing the right thing. Incidentally, he wasn’t a dragon guy, he’s into dinosaurs, which is cool in itself. Anyway, after the usual flirting and embarrassing scenes (Vermeil changes in the boys changing room, a shower scene, with Lilia hating all of it) Alto challenges Chris to a duel atop a tower with a long staircase that had me singing “zettai unmei mokushiroku” as they climbed it. Tell me that wasn’t a shout-out. In the battle, Vermeil actually takes some damage–so she CAN be hurt. Nice to see that she’s not overpowered, or maybe she and Chris both are. Anyway, it looks bleak until our guys try one more thing … and the episode ends …

Zettai unmei mokushiroku!

And in episode 4 …

What is it with these Utena references?
Back to our show …

After an anticlimactic climax, we get back silliness surrounded by plot-things to work in for the next arc. Alto asks the nice (heh) professor Obsidian if demons can fall in love with humans and really gets no answer. Then we learn that Obsidian isn’t all that kind and freezes a student for a plan to be revealed later. Meanwhile, the students have to write a detailed report about their familiars which means he has to take Vermeil’s measurements. And Lilia uses her invisibility potion to sneak into the boys dorm to see what evilness Vermeil is up to with her boy. The usual. Oh, and besides Obsidian’s evil plan, we turn back to Rex, who is getting some revenge on Chris and her dragon with his dino. Really, Rex ought to let that go. But what I really want to know is what the hell is up with the Utena references? The shows aren’t similar at all, what connection are they trying to make? I mean, I don’t mind it, Utena is a classic series worthy of attention, but apart from that one duel, there’s no connection. Maybe the creators just want to show some love.

Sadly, yes.

In Isekai Ojisan 3 we learn that the elf-girl in modern times isn’t the tsundere elf from the other world, but Uncle himself. He has this shapeshifting ability which he rarely uses because he’s afraid it will affect his personality. He uses it now to try and con Fujimiya into having girl talk about Takafumi. It’s a shame, really; the show needs more characters, and another one from the other world would be nice. But we’re still stuck with the three of them and the attempts to generate enough views that YouTube won’t cut their monetary access, and other things. Kind of boring, really, but we get a highlight when Uncle projects Takafumi’s memories of Fujimiya in elementary school and we learn that she was a nasty bully. Ugly, too. I thought for a moment that we were looking at Uncle at a young age. Other than that, well, we need more characters.

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