Threes, fours, and fives

Her majesty, before Farma’s treatment …

Isekai Yakkyoku 3 and 4 gives Farma the same problem Kelvin had in that other show. His skills are too amazing to be kept secret. It comes out when he and his father Bruno go to treat the queen for what turns out to be tuberculosis, or “the white death” as both worlds used to say. The native doctors have basically given up and are preparing the queen for death when Farma steps in and offers treatment of his own. Here is the situation I’ve been wondering about. How can the 10 year-old boy, an apprentice, even get permission for treatment? The answer is to show off his god-given abilities for his dad when he tries to stop Farma in the lab. Fortunately Bruno is not a jerk, just stern, and he sees no harm in trying the boy’s complicated set of medicines that must be administered for six months–glad to see the show’s being honest about real medicine. So that situation is done with, and six months later …

… and after.

Yep, the treatment worked, and so the show takes the next step and Farma gets his reward–he gets promoted and is allowed to set up his own pharmacy, a grand building that probably doesn’t seem welcome to the commoners around. Here’s the next conflict: how will Farma treat the commoners without drawing the ire of the nobility he was born in. Already we see that the both classes are suspicious. Here’s a rich boy of noble blood running a vanity project. Plus there’s a scheming pharmacy guild chief who will want to cause trouble. On Farma’s side are his own smarts and capabilities that belie his age, his new assistants Elen and Lotte, and Claude, with knees too bad for butler work but will be great sitting down and working out the finances, whom his father had just release at just the right time. Even that other servant chuckles. So now we’re going to get the second and probably the most important arc of the story, where Farma runs his shop and works around class warfare and possibly assassination attempts …

Argh, I hit the wrong buttons and lost my update to Hataraku Maou-sama 3. I’ll just say it was fun. Interesting backstory was fed to us while Maou, Emi, and Aras Ramus visit an amusement park, while Alciel, Suzuki, and Chiho observe, hidden. The bad guys, who are normally considered good, i.e, Gabriel the angel, show up and nonchalantly demand Aras be returned to them, since she’s probably the reincarnation of Yesod, not that that matters to Maou and his side. The kid doesn’t want to go. There will be a fight next time, but I wonder if it will have the same light touch that this episode had. One thing I sort of like is that Suzuki might be interested in Alciel. He could use some companionship.

He looks like he’s having a good time.

Lycoris Recoil likes to do fun stuff until a bad guy shows up and/or something awful happens, and with episode 5 they’re not necessarily related. Basically, Chisato and Takina are hired to be tour guides and bodyguards for a dying man in a wheelchair who fears for his life. The tour scenes are fun and let Chisato show off her warm, generous side. But the bad guy, Jin the assassin shows up and soon everyone’s running around shooting. Another thing the show does, and does well, is throw in a surprise at the end, and here it’s that the old guy was just a setup … for something I’m not sure about. Maybe it was to get Jin killed. But surely the person behind it all (I suspect Yoshi) knows that Chisato does her damnedest not to kill, and Takina is following her lead. We also get hints about Chisato’s background with the mysterious Alan institute, and that she has an artificial heart, which right now does nothing for us but work as a metaphor–the kind girl has no heart. Well, not one that beats. At the end that green-haired asshole knocks off a random Lycoris girl, maybe just for fun and to show how EVIL he is. That’s rather simpler to understand, but damn, the Lycoris girls have become nothing but cannon fodder recently.

There goes the forest.

Tensei Kenja no Isekai Life 5 brings us back to that cold area that should not be cold. Yuji discovers a town in the fake winter and learn that no one has firewood left, and so the cook can’t cook. Only later does it occur to him that the townspeople must be freezing to death. So he goes and basically destroys the local ecosystem for firewood. Everyone is impressed, though the head woodsman seems a bit embarrassed. Then, learning that he can’t eat the chef’s best dish because monsters are eating the herbs, he goes and kills them off. Then it occurs to him that maybe he ought to just figure out what’s making it so cold. Seems like he should have done that in the first place. The episode dithers so much that by the time he finds a mysterious door to a hole in the ground, the episode is out of time.

I might have a new favorite character.

Kinsou no Vermeil 5, after the usual silliness between Vermeil and Alto, gets back to the interesting part, Rex roughing up Chris. Oh, we get a flashback to when they were kids. Not only did they know each other, but they were friends. A far cry from now, where Chris had unceremoniously both figuratively and literally kicked Rex out of the dragon group. Rex seemed to have made peace with the whole situation, but now here he is, beating Chris up. Why is he doing this, and how? He should be a much lower level than she is. Well, for starters, he’s obviously possessed by something, overlarge veins, red eyes, and rock formations sprouting from his head are dead giveaways. But Chris, and Rex I suppose, is saved by a new character, Elena, who whips out her sword of justice, and just like that the matter is over. Elena might become my favorite character if she wasn’t so cheerless and her character design more realistic, but the stern resolve and flowing hair are definitely pluses.

Vermeil, amok.

So we got that mystery, and there’s also Professor Obsidian to deal with. No idea why he’s freezing those girls, but he gets worse when he manages to inject Vermeil with something that turns her into an inhuman monster. Not sure I like this. A professor preying on young girls is bad enough, but then injecting a sexy woman and putting her in his power has a sexual-power fantasy vibe to it that I don’t care for. That aside, it will be interesting to see what happens with Vermeil, in monstrous form. Sure she’ll be ordered to attack, but she’s strong-willed; she’s still fighting in there. What will she do if she’s up against her beloved Alto? I think that’s going to be the key to the next episode.

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