5s and a 4

I love Funimiya’s expression in this shot.

Isekai Ojisan 4 still has only the three of them, and what we get is more of the same. Well, the best yet most frustrating part is when Fujimiya, accidentally drenched and frozen from one of Uncle’s spells, is showering it all off and caught by Takafumi while she was wearing only his shirt (hers being drenched and frozen), and once the embarrassment bits are gotten past, Fujimori decides to make a move on him, only he’s too dense to realize it. So we got both an Uncle and a nephew oblivious to the obvious overtures cute girls are making towards them. The question is whether Takafumi will get it into his skull what this girl wants of him. Probably not, even though Uncle is aware and on her side. As for Uncle, we get a couple more flashbacks of him apparently making a move on the elf, but of course nothing happens. Meanwhile, Takafumi and Fujimiya watch, agape, as Uncle misses his chances again and again. So we’re watching, agape, at Takafumi’s obvious stupidity, and they (and we) watch, agape, at Uncle’s obvious stupidity. I wonder if these scenes will help Takafumi realize something … Nah.

Riko knows all about that.

In Made in Abyss 5 our heroes are still separated and going their various ways, getting obscure information along the way. Reg has left Faputa but is lost until her robotic companion fetches him before he can be killed by that huge dragon-thing. It calls itself an “interference unit,” one of many that were placed in various levels to gather information, but he hasn’t heard from the others in a while. And, it’s suggested that Reg might have a similar origin. So with that in our minds the show abruptly turns to Riko, who learns a little of the Iruburu (the village) language and learns of a deep pit where the villagers can’t go–the stress is too much. Naturally she goes down with Maa and meets that sad girl with the tubes attached to her, Vueko herself.

Infodumps in stories can be dull, but here I’m so attached to the characters and curious about the mysteries that I don’t mind. Vueko is or isn’t one of the three sages (Riko met another in the diner), and takes her to Belaf, where she finds Nanachi and Mitty (a sweet moment where Riko stares into Mitty’s eye and says “I remember …”). Trouble is, Belaf the magnificent snake-thing, claims she made a perfect copy of Mitty, soul and all, at great personal cost, and that Nanachi (now unconscious) sold themselves to Belaf to free Mitty. My question is: is that the same soul as the one Reg freed by blasting the original Mitty? Is she still stuck in that body? My other question is more practical: how can Riko convince Belaf to give up Nanachi and/or Mitty? Belaf’s offer, eyes, legs, and some internal organs, it a bit much for Riko to spare. It looks impossible, but we still have Reg wandering around, Vueko is outside and might have some ideas, and there’s this thing called “the Luring,” I think we’re gearing up for a lot of activity next time.

How Nazuna pays the rent.

While I’m still enjoying Yofukashi no Uta, and it’s doing a good job of giving us little bits of information about Nazuna, because it’s basically the two or three of them, it feels turned in on itself. Well, at least this week we learn how Nazuna earns her keep. A professional cuddler, sort of a nurse cosplay thing where, for instance and for this episode, she gives a massage and when the customer is fully relaxed, she drinks their blood. And she gets the fee too! The crisis is that while Ko and Nazuma are doing their usual flirty act, a real customer shows up, and Nazuma is trying to get Ko to give the massage because she’s tired from doing one for him. We don’t know if he agrees, and I dread the idea of him actually doing it for the woman, but if he does so next week he and we would maybe get a better idea of he deals with physical proximity to an attractive, non-vampire woman. In other scenes, Nazuna wakes up “early” and doesn’t know what to do with herself, Ko wonders how many other men have given her blood, a jealousy thing, with the usual flirting and Ko’s adolescent emotions raging away mixed in.

Nothing much happens in Soredemo Ayumu wa Yosetekuru either, but at least we two more characters, and the girls are cute. The cutest bit was the movie Sakurako takes Takeru to, a date! Sakurako is so into the movie (she read the book) that she starts acting out the movements the actress does, holding Takeru’s hand, head on shoulder, grabbing his arm, and … well they left the kiss out of the movie, to both Takeru’s relief and suppressed excitement. What makes it fun is both that she’s adorable when she does these things, and we’re not sure if she’s doing it unconsciously or using this chance to get closer to Takeru and/or mess with his mind some more. As for the main couple, it’s the usual stuff. They bump into each other on the street, buy books, go to an okonomiyaki place that she grew up in, and we meet her nice cat. Ayumu, naturally, uses all these situations to learn more about Urushi, and naturally she’s embarrassed much of the time. It’s the same thing, but it’s so cute I don’t really care too much.

I think Victor knows he’s finished.

The battle in Kuro no Shoukanshi 5 wasn’t bad. Again, I’m of two minds about the CGI; it helped make much of the battle fluid and exciting, but its very use when most of the show doesn’t use it is still jarring. The movements of the characters don’t move the same and there’s the problem that they haven’t integrated CGI and regular appearances so they look seamless yet. Well, that aside, it was a decent battle. The nice part came after: Victor’s dying confession that he hadn’t intended to eat Sera, the demon king daughter. That was to goad the heroes to fight harder. We get a lot of flashbacks to Victor training the very young Sera and speaking softly and affectionately to her, more like a loyal assistant, and having fun at Sera having little-girl fun. So he entrusts Sera to Kelvin’s care and urges him to let her see the world, then, his duty accomplished, dies. After that it’s happy-happy. Sera wakes up and is curious and excited about everything. I understand that, but I would have liked to see her mourn for Victor a little more. Well, there’s a little monologue at the end, but that was all.

Farma is a boy of many interests.

Last episode of Isekai Yakkyoku I worried about Farma’s new shop. It was too grand, obviously for nobles. And that’s what Farma finds out in episode 5. Lotte does a pre-emptive poll and then it’s a question of what to do. Small improvements are easy, but it’s when the show takes on the problem of dangerous cosmetics that he finds an answer. Face powder has things like lead and mercury in them. And some women, eager for pale skin, do bloodletting. So he whips up some safe cosmetics and suddenly the place is so popular that they can’t keep up with demand, so Chloe, a newly-cured noblewoman, suggests a cosmetics subsidiary, Farma agrees, and everyone is even happier than before. The only thing that bugs me is that queen Lisabeth demands he raise prices so as not to drive other merchants out of business, he happily agrees, forgetting that he wanted to make medicine that people can afford. Finally, when are the bad guys going to make their move? We have that suspicious guy who’s really not a sailor hanging about. Sooner or later he’s going to have some trouble.

Don’t mess with the little, cute ones.

In Hataraku Maou Sama!! 4 we get the battle, which is pretty entertaining thanks to Gabriel’s offhand behavior, appreciating a good line even while threatening to take Ara Ramus away, showing mild surprise when the tables are turned, and an overall nonchalance. He’s fun to watch. The battle gets going when Aras turns on Gabriel and says some interesting things about locking up her family (possibly the other parts of the Tree of Life). So this current batch of angels may not be the great figures we think they are. Emi gets some good lines and shots in, and Aras is an adorable glowing ball of force. In the end Aras fuses with Emi’s blade and for some reason Gabriel won’t fight that. Also, little bits of Maou’s life, told as a fairy tale and seen through by Emi. It sounds like, in the other world, when he received the blessings of whatever angel that was, he forgot about his duties and turned bad. Now he’s realized that, and he also remembers the people he killed, who had families of their own, and now it looks like the tables have turned. How does HE like losing someone? Well, it’s a feint because Aras is right there being both herself and Emi’s sword. It’s all presented in a haphazard but entertaining way. And it looks like Emi is going to be the next target.

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