More sixes: Lycoris, Tensei Kenja, Vermeil, Abyss 2, Yofukashi, Soredemo Ayumu

In Lycoris Recoil 6 we learn that … Kurumi is pretty much responsible for the botched mission that led to the loss of those guns and killed some Lycorises, and got Takina in hot water with the DA and led to her demotion. The show almost makes a joke about it, and I suppose Kurumi was doing a paid job at the time, but still … In the main story, Majima still either wants to kill all the Lycorises or just Chisato, not sure which. Past some entertaining bits involving her safe house, and a couple of goons who try to infiltrate it, and the constant abuse of Robota the hacker, they manage to get enough info to try for a kill. It almost works too, only Takina and the good guys arrive just in time. Nice to see Majima and Robota knocked off their pins a little. And it’s always fun to watch Chisato in battle, unless she’s getting beaten up, with both her combat skills and playful reactions when something unexpected and good happens, often just a cute “Hmmm!” I suppose you can say the episode was about balance. Majima loves to talk about that, meaning, I suppose, you produce for him and he’ll help you, and if you don’t he’ll kill you. The balance on the girls’ side can be summed up with their rock-paper-scissors battles, which Chisato always wins, until the last moment, so balance is restored there somewhat.

Yuji’s boring, but the slimes are fun.

In Tensei Kenja no Isekai Life 6 we get another one-sided victory for Yuji, but I have to say I always enjoy in these Isekai shows when someone goes through a secret door and discovers modern technology, or at least steel and electric lights. I’m not sure why. Maybe because it’s something I recognize as maybe scientific, or what passes for it in most anime, and plays by rules I can understand instead of these glowing, cursed stones. Anyway, the bad guys, followers of the Blue Moon of Salvation, were pretty much undone by Yuji’s first blast, and everything they try after that, which is basically running around, is of no use. So they off themselves, which is fine, but boring, so there’s a trigger for when they all die that it will set off an explosion that will destroy the world. Since the slimes have done all the dirty work up to now, it’s good to see Yuji break a sweat to contain the blast. His magic goes into the negatives, which he is barely concerned about (he’s never concerned about anything), and it’s done. Next week some assassins go after him. Is this a concern to Yuji at all?

Kinsou no Vermeil 6’s showdown goes about the way I expected, but there enough twists that it was still fun to watch. Obsidian, having released Vermeil’s true, monstrous form, binds her in chains and gloats a lot to Alto and Lilia (who spends almost the entire episode standing around shocked). But Obsidian underestimated Vermeil’s strength, and she breaks the chains and is about to plunge her claws into his chest, but Alto rushes in and it goes into HIS chest. That’s enough to settle her down, well, with a few kind words from Alto, who should have been dead already. That’s nice, but I was wondering how long Alto could not be dead, and there was still Obsidian to deal with.

Obsidian’s in for a surprise..

No trouble either way, though the former problem was solved with complications. As for the latter problem, Obsidian goes even crazier, injects himself, and turns into a demon, still gloating, at least until he gets half-Saitama’d by the unimpressed Vermeil. I say half because he’s still alive and tries to fly away, allowing Chris and her dragon a little revenge. As for Alto, the only way to heal him was to give him her heart, so they have the same heart and so the same fate. It took a while for me to get the implications of this. If one dies, the other does too, and Alto’s going to give a normal human life, while Vermeil can and would have lived for centuries. She sacrificed that for Alto. Geez, with that thought I’m not surprised Vermeil gets subdued after that.

What does she get out of it? Nothing!

Made in Abyss Retsujitsu 6 doesn’t solve Nanachi and Riko’s dilemma. Riko is about to agree to the bargain and lose eyes, legs, and internal organs but Nanachi conveniently wakes up and tells her not to. So, what the hell is she going to do? Then we get a major distraction in the “Luring,” where they entice a creature into the village to kill it, harvest it, whatever, to increase the village’s value. But they bit off more than they can chew this time, and the big slime thing makes short work of anything that tries to attack it. Riko devises an absurd and elaborate plan to stop it involving nets and fire, etc, which is set up immediately and works well. Yes, absurd, but as usual for this show, beautiful to watch. Afterwards you’d think Riko’s value, or at least her service to the village counting as value, would be enough to bargain Nanachi to freedom, but sadly not. And Riko had to give some of her hair to get the operation going, so now she’s sporting a short cut, which I think is cute. As for Nanachi, the only thing they can think of is to go chat with Faputa, the embodiment of value, so off goes Reg. Considering that Faputa acts like he’s a childhood friend who doesn’t remember her, and Reg is too naive for negotiation, I don’t see it going well, unless he sacrifices part of himself.

Yofukashi no Uta takes up where we left off, with Ko being enticed into giving a massage to a beautiful, obviously troubled woman. I was worried about the scene, Ko maybe screwing up and angering the girl, but he does all right with the massage part, so they talk a bit. Basically, Kiyosumi-san is pretty much the same as Ko, in that she used to enjoy the freedom of late night, but with no vampires around she simply moves on with her life and gets a job where the boss calls her at all hours to work, and she takes her responsibility seriously.. But after the back rub she’s relaxed enough to break down crying and Ko he becomes sort of an emotional therapist, and when she tries to leave to return to work, well, see the picture above. In the end she does go back to work, but now that she remembers the freedom maybe her worldview will change a bit. Besides, Ko promised to make her a vampire if she wants, the implications of which freak Nazuna out a little. The second half is more mundane. Ko and Nazuna go to a night pool where she has fun and Ko doesn’t, leading to some jealousy when two benign mashers try to pick her up. Pretty much the same as always.

Give him the damn chocolates already!!

Soredemo Ayumu no Yosetekuru 6 brings us … Oh God, a Valentine’s day episode. Of all the anime cliches in the world, this is the one I hate the most. Endless scenes of nervous girls deciding when is the perfect time to present a gift to their would-be sweetie, failures of resolve, the moment interrupted by something else, and this is such a slow-paced show that it would be extra excruciating. Few shows can do this well. Cross Game used the chocolates as an indicator of how the couples were doing. Other shows, such as Komi-san, manage to overcome the trite nerves. Sadly, this show can’t manage that level of quality, and so we watch, scene by scene, until the little package is delivered. The second half (happily, the valentine nonsense only lasted half the episode) had to do with exams and studying, and was better. Again, I found Sakurako’s messing with Takeru’s head more fun than the main couple, though Urushi does get some flustered moments for us to enjoy.

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