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I like her already.

Kuro no Shoukanshi 6 looks like a more peaceful episode, and I suppose the characters deserve one after the hell they’ve been raising. They head off to Toraj, because Kelvin has a sudden hankering for rice. On the way they’re accosted by some of the the Black Wind bandits, who are easily dispatched, and when they get to town it turns out there are more of the bad guys around, but one of them used to be a hero somewhere, so it would start an international incident if he’s beaten … or something … I don’t get it, really. What I also don’t get is, once Kelvin’s gang wipes out the Black Wind gang’s headquarters and rescues the damsels, those heroes from another land show up to do the same job, and Kelvin sets it up to look like he’s the boss of Black Wind. Something about that international incident, I guess, but I have no idea what Kelvin’s up to. Meanwhile, we meet some of the heroes group, and they seem like a good lot, a bit underpowered by Kelvin’s standards, but their hearts are in the right place, well, Toya has a bit of hero-syndrome and keeps wanting to rush into battle, and he’s a little vain, but again, heart in the right place …

Whoops, a trap.

Isekai Yakkyoku 6 has Farma and his dad visit Marseirre, with a lovely beach, and as we discover, a nasty riptide that nearly takes Blanche away, but Farma performs a miracle of sorts, an extraction of the ocean, and so she’s saved, but now some church has noticed him and goes out to extract this heretic. Farma isn’t quite sure what he did. It was beyond what he should be able to do, but tell that to this church … After that, suspicious people in white robes (not really being all that secretive) start hanging around the pharmacy, and then a carriage full of muck busts in and makes a mess of everything. While they’re clearing that up (the townspeople help out, an indicator of support), a generic lady in a nice dress, just like the others we see all the time, lures him out to help out a heatstroke victim, while we at home shout “No! It’s a trap!” I understand Farma’s altruistic nature would force him to go, but geez, bring some muscle next time. Sure enough, the inquisitors show up and now he’s captured, I suppose. I expect next week to have rough treatment and a lot of dull accusations while Farma’s supporters plan a response. Not sure I can sit through all that.

You got one day to clean it up.

Hataraku Maou-sama!! 6 has both the MgRonald’s closing and Maou’s apartment kicking our boys out for repairs. I figured the damage caused last episode would call for an eviction, myself … Anyway, after some despondency, they get a temp job from the landlady’s niece or something, Ohguro, in a beach hut near the sea. Emi and the other girls come along too for no reason except it’s summer, I suppose, well to keep an eye on them. Even Chiho. So off they go. Lovely area. I wouldn’t mind taking a funky old train like that myself. But then, after a day’s work cleaning the decrepit old shack (Maou’s MgRonald experience comes in handy) … well, it seems that either trouble follows Maou around or he was invited to the beach hut because people know who he is, but lights that are supposed to be ghost boats appear off the shore, and an unexpected fog comes in. Ohguro seems to be expecting this. I wonder how many people around know about Maou, Emi, and the others?

The girls try to blend in.

Onto the 7s. Lycoris Recoil starts with another concerted attack by Majima, this time on a police station, with a threat on Lycoris written on the wall, which hardly anyone notices, or they don’t care. You’d think there’d be more concern about this, especially with the attempt on Chisato’s life last time. But instead the girls act like goofballs and sneak into a private bar to spy on Mika–maybe he’s on a date! Some overheard conversations later and Chisato has learned that Yoshi was the one who saved her life. What she may not know is that Yoshi wants her back with, I dunno, Alan Institute maybe, because of her unearthly killing skills. Yoshi must be aware that Chisato doesn’t want to kill anyone. So basically we got one man wanting Chisato to work for him, and another who wants to kill her. As for the rest, it’s Mika sitting around feeling bad for not telling Chisato, and the usual silly girls stuff.

Might as do ep8 now–no telling when I’ll get to it otherwise. Aside from Takina taking over the cafe’s sagging finances and her poop-parfait, which is a viral hit, it boils down to the two people, or organizations, that want something out of Chisato. Yoshi, the fatherly one, sets her up during her long-delayed physical (and to think if she had gone before when she should have she would have avoided all this). His assistant drugs her and looks to be preparing to operate on her, maybe to take her enhanced heart away. So we actually have a cliffhanger this week … The other scene is between Chisato and Majima, the mad killer guy, with whom she has a surprisingly friendly talk about the Alan Institute’s sins. The cordiality possibly comes from the fact that they both know they can’t kill the other, at least at that moment, but Majima is at least trying to get through to Chisato, verbally. So the bad guy is friendly and chatty and the good guy wants to slice into her chest.

Uncle’s sheer charm works again.

Isekai Ojisan seems to have fallen behind an episode, but I got to watch episode 5 just now. I can’t say much for it. I mean, the mysteries of Uncle’s misadventures in the other world open up a little, thanks to a recorded voice in Chinese he didn’t hear the first time asking for his preferential skill. So his guardian spirit woman or whatever was like a phone sales thing, since they didn’t have much in the way of smartphone tech back then. Also, we learn that there was another Japanese person who was sent back hundreds of years ago who did something heroic. We learn this through a conversation between Mabel the ice warrior and the Tsundere Elf as they wonder what the hell is up with the disgusting orc person they have on their hands, after he gets frozen when it looks like he’s molesting Mabel, and what WAS he doing at that moment? Well, it’s another sad little even in Uncle’s sad life in the other world, a combination of the other world’s prejudices and Uncles own obliviousness. Fine and dandy, but I’d still like to get more people involved in this story. I’m getting tired of watching Uncle’s recorded blooper reels.

It looked like Tensei Kenja no Isekai Life 7 ran out of budget, or there was a shortage of animators. Many of the scenes had long pauses or repeated footage to the point of annoyance. How many times was Proud Wolf going to howl and declare his greatness in front of a burst of water? At least three. And there was a bit where the two assassins trailing Yuji sit and observe from the trees, for a full twenty seconds of no movement at all. I was expecting a gag, some sort of payoff, but then they start talking again like nothing had happened. As for the story, Yuji basically goes around and tries to show the assassins that he’s actually weak, probably to get him off the bad guys’ hit list. This means fighting some low-level boars with no offensive magic, allowing Proud Wolf to do the work, and pretending to be poor. Anyway, those two are dispatched after Yuji overhears them talking about taking out Steyl the priest, and how he’s out to get materials so a grumpy smith can make slime armor, of all things. And so the story arc continues to go sideways.

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