Sevens, eights and nines

Isekai Yakkyoku 8 mainly follows a pharma guild member Pierre, whose daughter catches the flu. No one else can receive him except the Parallel Pharmacy, where Farma manages to lower the girl’s symptoms. This leaves Pierre distraught for two reasons. First, he sees that Farma’s clinic far outstrips his skills and means, and second, he is forbidden to visit the clinic because the guild boss Veron hates them. Still, he admits what he did to the guild board and says they shouldn’t compete, they should learn. He’s ostracized, but Farma uses him to open another shop where he can do the work he loves. Well and good, a bit emotional at times. More interesting is that we get a glimpse of Veron’s thoughts, and why he hates this new company so much. He bears a great resentment because the nobility refused to treat his own kid, and they died, so he sees Farma as just a rich noble playing around with pharmacy until he gets bored. It’s good to see the main villain as a victim, and I suppose in the next couple of episodes we’ll see him turn to a good guy, or a better guy. But then what challenge will Farma have left?

Spoken like a true demon lord, I think.

Hataraku Maou-sama!! 7 (how did it fall behind?) deals with all the problems in a perfunctory manner, as if this demon-lord attempting to take over the Earth is a cover for the real story of the relationships between the characters. The season so far has felt this way. Anyway, it looks like some demon faction sent duped demons to retrieve the sword that Emi has. Amane, who could wipe everyone out in a flash, sits this one out, since it’s the Maou’s gang that brought the invasion here. Emi fights a horde of demons for a little while and meets their chief, whose name escapes me and is too hard to spell anyway. Then Maou, Alciel, Lucifer, and Camia show up in their demon forms (there’s some magical gobbledigook about Yesod fragments) and tells them to go away. So they do. As a battle, well, apart from some slashing from Emi, there isn’t one. The emphasis is one sending the enemy back without killing anyone. Emi mutters that she’s getting too soft, but everyone agrees that protecting the Earth with as little damage as possible is the best choice. A nice speech by Maou at the end about how humans have developed without using magic at all tops it off. So now with maybe five episodes to go, what’s going to be their next threat?

We get the whole story in Lycoris Recoil 9. Thanks to flashbacks from Mika to Walnut, which Takina and Mizuki conveniently overhear. Chisato was a brilliant Lycoris-in-training but she had a heart condition. So they gave her an advanced artificial heart. However, it wasn’t very durable and will wear out when she gets to around age eighteen. Bad enough, but the damage during that surgery that Takina manages to interrupt leaves her with only two months now, maybe a little longer if she doesn’t move around much. Hehe, Chisato not moving around, what a concept. Anyway, the new life-expectancy doesn’t bother her as much as it would have … What I don’t get are the motives. Okay, Chisato isn’t playing by the rules (killing people) and doesn’t want to participate in DA matters, but why didn’t they just kill her when they had the chance? Walnut asks the same thing, but we get no answer. Maybe the artificial heart is too valuable.

Two other things I don’t get. First, why didn’t the snow on Mika’s head melt in that flashback? Also, is Takina going back to DA or not? There’s a large-scale operation against Majima coming up and she gets the invitation, first she says no, wanting to spend what remaining time she has with Chisato, and then it looks like she will. She takes Chisato on a fun day-off event because she’s leaving the next day. It’s possible that she has something up her sleeve; Fuki tells the other girl that maybe Chisato’s corrupted her. Well, it was a fun day off with goofiness, etc. As for the episode, Chisato smilingly accepts it, ke sera, with one telling moment of anger when she shoots at an asshole motorist. She’s got some hidden thoughts too, probably about what the world’s done to her, and her life about to be cut short. Finally, things get a little more complicated at the end when Majima and a pack of goons stops Yoshi’s car. Whose side is Majima going to be on in the end?

So, in Tensei Kenja no Isekai Life Yuji goes up against a fire dragon, not one of those lesser guys, either. Basically it’s Godzilla. And, like its lesser brethren, it hates water. Guess what? It’s raining! And two bad guys are going up a hill with more water. So basically it’s Yuji conjuring water and ice, not succeeding, then conjuring more water and ice, and when that doesn’t work, MORE! Meanwhile I’m getting pretty bored. Finally he undams a river (which he dammed in the first place, so no serious ecological damage I’m assuming) and that’s finally enough water to beat the dragon. More special armor is made from the fire dragon jewel by grumpy blacksmith, and now it’s off to Odarian, where supposedly some bad guys live, though at this point I wonder if anyone can stand up to Yuji. The interesting thing is that we’re seeing some modern machinery around again. It probably won’t be explained, but I wonder what the connection is.

There are many things in Made in Abyss: Retsujitsu no Ougonkyou 9 that I can’t figure out. Why did Faputa’s ear grow back after Juroimoh’s attack? Why was Nanachi dreaming of Vueko, and considering her somehow foreign? Why is that Interference agent defending Faputa and calling her “princess?” And Wazukyan calls Reg the “prince.” I could think of more if I tried. But I get the main point. The village is full of people with nowhere else to go, and they’re trapped there. But many of them still have the longing to continue on their journey, wherever it leads. Riko mentions this to Wazukyan, who doesn’t deny it. They might get their wish. Reg, by taking Faputa’s severed arm into the village, unlocks the barrier that kept Faputa out. They might be free now. Instead of “stopping at the entrance,” as Riko tells Wazukyan, they can go in completely. However, Faputa wants to kill them all out of revenge for her mother. Belaf tells Nanachi, who is coming out of their dream, that it was a time for reawakening. It looks like the village will be destroyed (what about Irumyuui?) and they’ll be free no matter what they want, but they may not make it past Faputa, her murderous rage brilliantly portrayed this episode. Oh, and I should add that that monster Juroimoh is a manifestation of that piece of shit that abused Vueko when she was a girl, like however we long for the new, the past never leaves us. I would take satisfaction that Reg used his incinerator on it, but that puts Reg closer to his own death and it didn’t completely kill the thing.

Ko sums up his life.

A strange episode of Yofukashi no Uta this week. The main thought is that once your blood gets sucked, you have one year to fall in love, and if you don’t, you’ll never be a vampire. So not only does Ko have that time limit, the other vampires will surely kill him if he doesn’t change. The thing is, and it’s the theme of the episode, Ko doesn’t understand the meaning of love, or friendship. Seri, the blond vampire who tried to kill him last episode, gives him dating advice, which doesn’t work. Meanwhile, he talks to Akira some more, and a new guy, Mahiru, a classmate who’s been tomcatting at night recently. They are old friends but Ko hasn’t even considered the concept. They grew up together, they hang out, is that what a friend is? The point is also made with Nazuna, who says their hanging out every night is just as good as a date. While Ko has been pondering the concept of love and friendship, he’s already doing the things lovers and friends do. Then an interesting turn for Nazuna, who sort of awkwardly takes Ko’s hand at the end of the episode as they walk, after seeing Mahiru (whom she doesn’t know) do it with a girl. Either she’s trying to make Ko’s romance-concept real, or she really doesn’t understand these things either and is trying them out.

Sakurako, flustered for once.

Soredemo Ayumu no Yosetekuru 9 has fun Golden Week activities, like searching for four-leaf clovers (Takeru and Sakurako) and visiting an game center (the rest of them). It’s the usual sweet stuff, Ayumu getting Urushi flustered over and over again with his sincerity. Not much to say there. More interesting is Sakurako. There’s a moment where Takeru conveniently slips and falls on her, or just above her, faces inches apart, etc., and for the first time, it’s Sakurako getting flustered, and later thinking back at that moment. Later she gets confessed to, not by Takeru, and she doesn’t know how to respond. What is this concept of “liking” someone everyone’s so big on? I thought only Ko in Yofukashi had that problem this season. After Takeru awkwardly explains the concept, she blushes and maybe realizes that she’s already found the boy she likes. All this time I had thought that she was confident and aware, and had wrapped Takeru around her little finger because it was fun, but apparently it was something different for her …

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