Some of the lesser shows, nines and tens

I found Yofukashi ga uta 10 more entertaining than usual because again, more characters are introduced. Also, it’s a stand-alone, and I was happy to get away from the continuing drama of whether Ko will become a vampire or not. Anyway, we find that Midori the vampire, who works at a maid-vamp cafe, or is that vamp-maid cafe, ropes Nazuna into helping with a shift while Ko watches. Well and good, but someone has been sneaking pics of the cafe’s second most popular maid (Midori is first), and Ko plays detective, a pervy one, but still a detective, to discover the culprit. He has a moment of great deduction worthy of Hyouka’s Houtarou, special effects and all. The only lingering point, besides Nazuna deciding to work there because the pay is good, is that everyone is a little twisted. A lovely, positive moral, I mean it!

Urushi’s parents.

Soredemo Ayumu no Yosetekuru 10 has a scene that could have been powerful if I really cared that much. We meet Urushi’s dad, a big, grumpy guy, who supposedly hates Shogi though he’s really good at it. Urushi is even afraid to tell him she’s in a Shogi club, but Ayumu challenges him to a game (and gets slaughtered), Urushi’s mom shows up, and we learn the dark secret, that Urushi’s first shogi moments came when she was moving the pieces for her grandpa, and defeating her dad, which put dad in a grouch that he hasn’t yet let go. It’s so stupid that even Urushi has to laugh. So much for serious drama in this show. Elsewhere, Urushi prepares for the school trip and Ayumu is already feeling lonely. … and that’s about it. The trip begins next week.

Kuro no Shoukanshi 10 is a dull prep episode for the last arc, where the evil country of Trycen will invade all the good countries, because they’re ev, er, to unite the continent. But that comes at the end, where we meet the evil generals and one knight who gets the creeps from the atmosphere of the evil palace. Before that it’s basically leveling-up time for Rion, where she gets a wolf, Alex, as her best buddy, and we spend time watching them frolic. Too much time. I’d suspect that they’re planting a death flag on her only this isn’t that kind of show. Elsewhere, all the girls sleep next to Kelvin, including Rion, well, until she gets her dog, then she sleeps with him. Not much point to this episode apart from some leveling up, and I suppose we had to meet the next bad guys sooner or later.

Jean in his element.

So, in Isekai Yakkyoku 10, everything is going about as well as can be expected when dealing the Black Death. The cargo ship’s captains aren’t happy about the delays caused by the inspection, and this takes up part of the episode, but then Farma and his crew are given help by Jean, that geezer who stops by the shop once in a while for anti-scurvy candies. This is fun because I had him pegged as a bad guy doing something clandestine, but instead he’s a commander of the Saint Fleuve Empire fleet. Also, it’s fun to see him in his element, in an excellent uniform, shouting orders to his crew and berating disgruntled cargo captains. But naturally something has to go bad, and here it’s a ship that tried to skirt the quarantine by landing their cargo in a nearby village, and guess who has the plague? So off goes Farma, alone as usual, idiotically nearly killing himself flying that magic staff, to do triage to a town full of dying or suspicious people. Amazing what showing off that little badge can do to change opinion. Meanwhile the errant ship is found by Jean, with everyone aboard dead, and Jean blows it out of the water to prevent infection, a rather sober moment for the series.

The ladies of Hataraku Maou-sama have some fun this week.

Hataraku Maou-sama!! has our heroes, or enemies, taken about as far away from great demon battles as they can get, defending a farm, and themselves by a bear and some produce thieves. First, the bear. It’s quickly dispatched by Emi in amusing fashion, making her a minor celebrity for a few minutes. Then we learn about the poachers. Well, they are also quickly dispatched as soon as the good guys figure out what they’re aiming for, that is, the solar panels. All this strategizing takes too long, especially since the poachers are inept. Well, they weren’t expecting a small girl in a kimono to lift up their car, or another woman cutting through their car roof with a sword … I did like the grandma, who seems to know things, and is totally used to people with special powers. Unfortunately, we’ll never get to know what she knows. Meanwhile, Emi is, after all this time, still suspicious of Maou and thinks he’s up to no good. She’s fun when she’s angry, but I wish she would relax a little more.


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