Some finales and near-finales

In Kinsou no Vermeil 11, as expected, we and Alto get escorted to Vermeil’s dark past, and it’s done well, emotionally. She was brought up in a small church by a nice Sister, a cool big sister character, and a couple of kids, a happy family, until her horns are discovered and a plague hits the town. One must mean the other, right? So her loving family is killed. That sets off her rage, and she destroys the town and everyone in it. Perfectly understandable, if tragic. Meanwhile, I’m thinking “That’s it?” Sure, it was an ugly situation where a small child lets loose her justifiable rage and causes destruction beyond her desire, and to her regret, but this is a world-class demon we’re talking about. Surely this is only the start of a bloody reign of terror, right? Apparently not. Alto, watching from above, floats down and comforts the small Vermeil, who turns to the adult as her shackles are broken, and tells her that he loves her in spite of all. This is too easy. I wanted to see him forgive her after she had destroyed half the world with delight, licking her lips. That would have been more fun to watch too.

The finale is not much of anything. After viewing Vermeil’s dark past, which wasn’t as dark as it should have been, she and Alto team up to fight the smirking Iolite, who conjures up some knight-on-horseback thing, which is immediately wiped out by our heroes. Then Heliodor, she of the great hat, shows up and tells Iolite that enough’s enough, time to go. Iolite goes “Aww …” but goes off … and that’s it. More than half the episode left. So we catch up with Lilia and the others (they all passed) and then some more sexy scenes between Alto and Vermeil, the former, full of love, a bit more assertive though his pajamas stay on. But there’s still more time, so we watch as Alto, determined to get stronger to protect Vermeil spars with Jessica and Chris and gets roughed up. And that’s about it for the series. Not much more to say. The art work, the backgrounds were often lush and lovely, and there were some nice fluid moments of animation, but the story was about what you expected: a fantasy series where a teenage boy gets a hot older woman who’s all over him.

One more of Lilia, who seems to have realized that the show has brushed her aside.

Yofukashi ga Uta 11 introduces us to Anko, a private detective who Ko tried to pick up for Nazuna’s cuddle-buddy business. She’s not into that, the episode moves on, and I figured we’d get back to her another episode, but she arrives at the end to help a man turned vampire off himself as a man, leaving Ko to say to himself that he doesn’t know shit about vampires. In between all this was Mahiru leading Ko and Akira into a night visit to the school to check out the seven mysteries every school seems to have. It’s aimless wandering about but it’s fun to have the three bond some more. As for Anko, she’s good fun and I hope she sticks around for a little longer, well, there’s only two episodes left, but there’s this Akihiro person Anko’s looking for that Ko obviously recognizes.

He hasn’t even texted her, damn it!

Soredemo Ayumu no Yosetekuru has Urushi off with her friends on their Kyoto school trip. You already know exactly what this means. There will be a lot of scenes of girls feeding deer, visiting temples, and generally goofing off while Urushi can’t really enjoy it because that boneheaded Ayumu won’t even send her a text message. “I don’t want to interrupt her fun,” he says. After a lot of this, She finally ends HIM a text message, and so they’re going to play shogi by hone that night, the other girls treating it like a date. The only interest angle to this is Ayumu’s special shogi training with Rin, and you get the idea that they would be a fun, if overly serious couple. And Rin clearly hasn’t sorted out her feelings for Ayumu; Ayumu tells her that she loves Urushi, she’s taken aback, though she shouldn’t be, and the next day presents him with a notebook listing all his shogi weak points as a gift. That’s the most entertaining and indirect declaration of love I’ve seen in a while. Sadly, it’s not enough to save this slow-footed episode.

The finale goes as expected. A brief crisis when Urushi loses the charm Ayumu gave her, but she gets it back, miraculously, in Kyoto, with a cat running off with it. Rin trains Ayumu some more, and we get a nice moment where we see her regret at making the same bargain with herself that Ayumu made. We get a bit with Takeru and Sakurako, where they’re about to kiss, but the show cuts away at the last minute. The show continues to tease when the trained Ayumu actually defeats Urushi at shogi, hooray! Now he’ll confess, right? Nope, turns out she had a four-piece handicap, so they’re back where they were before, but they’re playing shogi together, and that’s all they seem to need.

So nothing much happens. I guess if Ayumu and Urushi became a couple it would be the end of the series. They didn’t have much in the way of other characters, though the ones they had were fun. In fact, Takeru and Sakurako were often more fun than the main couple because their courtship seemed to be going somewhere (we’ll never know about that kiss), and Takeru was more animated and Sakurako was just adorable. Rin, with her focus and regret, was perhaps the best developed character. Overall I thought the show was cute and harmless, though I’m not sure it was worth going through a season when very little happens.

One more of Sakurako and Takeru, arguably the more fun couple.

Let’s polish off Kuro no Shoukanshi. In episode 11 the gang are sent to an elfin village to protect them from some monsters. Trycen is behind it, of course. Once there, the elves mistake Efil for a famous elf Lumil, who agreed to marry a dragon to get if off the elves’ back. Then Lumil was found dead in the forest, and the show doesn’t say what happens next, though everyone seems to believe that Efil is Lumil’s daughter, a complicated situation because Efil’s half-elf and half-human, so who, what, why, how … I don’t really know because it’s plot fodder for a season two if there is one, and I’ll have forgotten it by then. Anyway, little Rion is sent to dispatch a class S monster, the bad guy army’s big weapon, and, well, she sweats a little. That leaves Kelvin to face Clive, our big baddie of the season.

And so on to episode 2 where we learn that Clive, your average smirking, overpowered bishie, is eventually defeated by Kelvin’s battle-rage, and so peace returns to the elfin village and there’s a lot of celebrations. The one interesting thing is that Clive was also reincarnated, but rather than use his power to help people and make friends decides that power and lust are more fun. I wonder if they’ll make a point to bring in other reincarnations … And Clive is dragged back to Evil Headquarters, where he will be endlessly tortured by scantily-clad women, something I figured he would like. And so the show stumbles to a conclusion. Basically a harem series with small variants, like Kelvin being a battle junkie. Nothing much more to say about it, except I hope this isekai trend will go away soon.

One more of the gang.
One more of Kelvin. Both the heroes and the bad guys were amused by this line.

As for the other shows apart from Lycoris Recoil and MiA, I can’t get the energy up to follow them anymore. A shame about Hataraku Maou-sama!! however. It was not a bad show, but it turned into more of a domestic drama than the often-entertaining demon lord series I enjoyed in season one. Nothing wrong with that, but I can’t get too interested in the direction the show decided to take. Isekai Yakkyoku has that plague going on, but it’s paced so slowly, and Farma is so powerful, that I just don’t have the patience. Frankly, there were only two shows worth watching this season, and I’ll get to them next time.


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