Kage, DIY, Bocchi, Renai 7s

I wish I knew what Cid was up to most of the time.

In Kage no jitsuryokusha etc 7 we are still confused. Cid keeps doing things like he has a master plan but then stuff just drops in his lap. He’s entered into a school combat tournament against his will, but then decides to use it to his advantage, for what? He deliberately gets repeatedly destroyed by the high-seeded Rose, but keeps getting up for more punishment, something about showing off his moves. In the last scene he gets bloodied up some more defending Rose from the invading bad guys. We wonder if he’ll get up this time because magic can’t be used in the bad guys’ sphere of influence. Between all this we get long, dull scenes of Sherry mooning over him, and his sidekicks, possibly the two most annoying such characters I’ve ever seen.

Do it Yourself! 7 brings us the rainy season, and the humidity is interfering with things like resin drying, so Rei invites them to her home, part of her family’s Waku-Wan home center, and they make stuff there. Two things stand out. First, Rei’s room is surprisingly “feminine.” The things in her room are all homemade, but the colors are all soft and bright. Also, she has a bookshelf for a shoujo manga series that Takumin adores. Everyone thought she’d read stuff about biker gangs and the like. All that, especially with her T-shirt with the heart on it, shows a softer side to this usually practical, down-to-earth builder-girl. Also, she makes terrible cookies, just to humanize her a little. The other thing is that we get to watch the characters actually build things, with step-by-step directions. Though not as informative as a good Youtube instruction video (all the stuff with resins was probably oversimplified), it was good to see the steps made, down to removing burrs from screws with a little doohickey. And so things go as usual for the DIY club.

Bocchi can’t handle friends and family at the same time.

There’s a home visit in Bocchi the Rock! 7 too. I can’t believe that Bocchi would allow the band to come over, probably not her idea. On the other hand, Bocchi’s ridiculous welcome preparations, besides being hilarious, showed just how much she wanted them over, how important they were to her. Nijika and Kita (Ryou’s off somewhere) take it in stride, knowing what Bocchi’s like, and probably took the banner on the house, the disco lights in her room, etc, for what they are: signs that they were welcome as only Bocchi could make them. It gets more fun when sister Futari and the parents come in. Now we get a little background from parents, especially the father, who say a little too much, asking Nijika if they were rented friends, etc., allowing Bocchi to further sink into despair. But through it all everyone has a good time, maybe even Bocchi. Then back to the reason for the visit–T-shirt designs. They were funny enough, but when Bocchi’s forced to model clothing her mother bought for her (which she never wears) the show gets surreal. I actually think that fading into ash and infecting Nijika and Kita was a little too much of Bocchi’s paranoia bleeding into reality. But there were other great Bocchi-breakdowns, such as her school festival memories, even though they were unrelated to this story. But the real point was Bocchi bringing her friends over and discovering that it’s … perfectly normal. No reason for worry. Next we get a typhoon, on the day of their concert …

A strange episode 7 for Renai Flops. We get a flashback to the younger Asahi walking on a moonlit beach with a girl who sort of resembles Aoi, but it’s a dream After that it looks like your average beach episode, the gang going to sidekick Yoshio’s private beach, with the injured Yoshio absent. And guess what, it’s a nude beach, so naturally Asahi is stuck into various blindfolded bondage gear, for the girls’ privacy, even though they’ve spent the entire season so far trying to get into his pants. So far so good, but then the girls all vanish, and the bewildered Asahi meets Aoi, who, strangely, was not along with the group, and it begins to turn into a romantic evening for two alone. But there’s weirder stuff going on, like the clocks stopping, a sakura tree in full bloom in the summer, and Ai appears and tells him it can’t go on forever. And that’s it for this week. It had a nice supernatural aspect to it, a nice change from the usual, but also suggestions of some sort of technological holographic experience. It also suggests that Aoi is less pure and good than we thought, but I suppose there’s a reason for that …


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