A note about the rest of the season. I won’t cover it.

I am burned out writing about shows that aren’t worth writing about. Even the beautiful-looking epics Ooyokiumi no Kami and Hikari no Ou, the only shows worth watching this season, don’t thrill me enough.

When I write my comments about a show, usually just after I watch, if I notice that I’m just doing plot synopses, that tells me that I have nothing to say, and it’s not interesting to read. But that’s what I’ve been doing most of this season.

A few days ago, exhausted from work, sick and tired, I thought I might not watch any more anime this season, but today I caught up on four shows (Morlock of all people, rocks, and so does Inglis). I had a decent time and I had fun not having to worry about writing about them.

If something amazing happens, which I doubt, I’ll write something, but otherwise I’ll be back and at full power for new series reviews!


2 thoughts on “A note about the rest of the season. I won’t cover it.

  1. I hasn’t been a great season. About half the shows I’m writing blurbs for don’t really deserve the attention – and I could just as easily throw them into my Time Permitting list – which has a bunch of shows I watch but never have to write about. And basically, your entire season is now just a Time Permitting list like mine. Watching without writing is relaxing.

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