Finales: ACCA-13 and Youjo Senki, and Maid Dragon 12

ACCA-13 gives us a splendid finale which had me grinning through most of it, right after the moment Mauve stepped in and explained to Schwan that this coup business was nothing more than a public demonstration of his vulnerability, so please take care of yourself, okay? At first it didn't feel right that Schwan would … Continue reading Finales: ACCA-13 and Youjo Senki, and Maid Dragon 12

Tens: ACCA-13, Maid Dragon, KonoSuba (finale)

Not much to say about ACCA-13 10, except to speculate. One thing is made clear, however. Lillium is supporting the coup because he wants Furawau to snatch up whatever it can in the coup. That will be interesting because north of Furawau is Pranetta, and as we discovered this episode, there's nothing much there, just … Continue reading Tens: ACCA-13, Maid Dragon, KonoSuba (finale)

ACCA-13, Maid-Dragon, KonoSuba2 9

In ACCA-13 9, the secret is slowly leaking out, and various factions are beginning to bare their fangs. It appears that the first princess doesn't like the idea of this not-royal couple going about eating delicious food, and she sends out some assassins. Interesting that she says Schwann was "in her way" too, so we're … Continue reading ACCA-13, Maid-Dragon, KonoSuba2 9

ACCA-13, Maid Dragon, KonoSuba2 8

ACCA-13 8 brings the background on the odd sitation. I was expecting intrigue and bloody murder (or less bloody murder with some poison or something), but in fact it's all very sweet, and domestic. Privy Counselor Qualm thinks the young princess Schnee's interest in revolutionary things will be bad for the country, but rather than … Continue reading ACCA-13, Maid Dragon, KonoSuba2 8

Sevens: Demi-chan, Academia, ACCA-13

Demi-chan wa Kataritai 7 brings us two new characters who I hope will not be seen again. First, we get Ugaki, a police detective assigned to demi issues, he and his very young assistant, Kurtz, come to the school unannounced, don't check in, and wander around looking suspicious. There's no reason for them to be … Continue reading Sevens: Demi-chan, Academia, ACCA-13

Youjo Senki 6 and recap, Demi-chan, Academia and ACCA 6

Youjo Senki 6 gave me the information I was curious about: where are all the aircraft and how to they fit into battle with mages. The answer is they can fly higher than mages (except for Tanya) and can carry heavier things, like bombs. When you do have a mage that can match their altitude, … Continue reading Youjo Senki 6 and recap, Demi-chan, Academia and ACCA 6

ACCA-13 4-5, Maid Dragon and KonoSuba2 4, Seiren 5

ACCA-13 4 feels like a "district of the week" type of episode, where Jean goes to a place, sees a problem and then ... doesn't do much. Well, he'll do what he can, like giving Warbler low scores so he'll get to stay in Suitsu, but other than that he's basically a sometimes-kidnapped bystander, observing, … Continue reading ACCA-13 4-5, Maid Dragon and KonoSuba2 4, Seiren 5