Delta 12, Bakuon and Kumamiko finales

I kept waiting for something interesting in Macross Delta 12, but nothing much happened until the very end. We learn that Ernest once tried to train King Gramia. We learn that Mirage doesn't feel she has Hayate's talent (this time it's her turn to be caught listening in to a conversation, BTW). There's NUNS announcing … Continue reading Delta 12, Bakuon and Kumamiko finales

Elevens: Delta, Kumamiko, Bakuon

Macross Delta 11 gives us the aftermath of the Windermere attack for both sides. For the bad guys, they've unlocked 60% of whatever power they've going to use, so they start preparing for a bigger invasion to take over the last couple of ruins. I'm not sure if that's what Johnson is telling Arad when … Continue reading Elevens: Delta, Kumamiko, Bakuon

Tens: Bakuon, Sousei, Bungou

Bakuon!! 10 continues the introduction of Chisame, still working out her frustration at being a champion minibike racer but who's too short to ride your average street bike. The girls invite her to sit on their bikes and give her opinion while she begs off because it would reveal her TERRIBLE SECRET of shortness. Further … Continue reading Tens: Bakuon, Sousei, Bungou

Nines: Kumamiko, Bakuon, Sousei no Onmyouji

For a while it looked like KumaMiko 9 would be another exercise at humiliating poor Machi, with Yoshiro deciding to make a TV commercial to promote the village and having it star you-know-who ... no, not the bear, and THEN putting her in a swimsuit. Machi does get her share of embarrassment this week, but … Continue reading Nines: Kumamiko, Bakuon, Sousei no Onmyouji

Eights: Bakuon, Sousei, Bungou, Tanaka-kun

A pleasant two or three-parter in Bakuon!! 8. The first part is all about getting Hijiri her license, when she's never even been on a bicycle before. So she falls down a lot and gets enraged. However, I'd say this episode was more of an homage to her practice ride, the Honda Super Cub, which … Continue reading Eights: Bakuon, Sousei, Bungou, Tanaka-kun

Sevens: Asterisk, Delta, Kumamiko, Bakuon

No matter what I do something comes up in RL and I fall behind with my posts.  Sorry about that Coming into Gakusen Toshi Asterisk 7 things looked interesting, Flora still gone and Ayato, searching for her, on the run from goons. But instead, all of a sudden,we get this new girl Sylvia, who takes … Continue reading Sevens: Asterisk, Delta, Kumamiko, Bakuon

Sixes: Delta, Kumamiko, Bakuon, Sousei, Stray Dogs

Macross Delta 6 begins with Messer belittling Hayate and Mirage's flying skills, while Mikuno has started to go all catty on poor Freyja. It's not much fun to watch these sort of scenes, and I wish the show would get over it and settle our couple in. On the other hand, I was surprised to … Continue reading Sixes: Delta, Kumamiko, Bakuon, Sousei, Stray Dogs