Finales: CC, Charlotte

Classroom Crisis has a suitable ending that is rousing enough for the low-to-middle expectations I had of it. Most of it jumps between two different scenes going on more or less at the same time.  To start with, we get an odd bit where Mizuki stops Iris from going off on the new rocket, saying … Continue reading Finales: CC, Charlotte

Laplace finale, CC 12, Seiyuu and Biyori Repeat 11, Teekyuu 59

Rampo Kitan: Game of Laplace is the first show of the season to finish, and it does so in no better or worse fashion than the ridiculous final story arc permits. Namikoshi's nefarious plan to create an explosion of twenty faces for society to deal with is near fruition with his own death.  Meanwhile Kobayashi … Continue reading Laplace finale, CC 12, Seiyuu and Biyori Repeat 11, Teekyuu 59

Laplace 10, CC 11

Rampo Kitan: Game of Laplace 10 is maybe the weakest episode yet, though it does deserve some credit for stretching out the obvious without me throwing up my hands and jumping forward.  Basically, Namikoshi's abducted Kobayashi and tells him his life story, in the third person, which is basically a story of physical abuse by … Continue reading Laplace 10, CC 11

Eights: Laplace, CC, Gate

Rampo Kitan: Game of Laplace 7 set up an elaborate murder setting consisting of two victims, giant mannequins, gears, and the police and suspects standing around being colorful.  So many visuals going on that it was hard to figure out what was going on.  So, naturally I figured the solving of the murders would take … Continue reading Eights: Laplace, CC, Gate

CC, Rokka and Shimoneta 7, Teekyuu 55

I'm starting to get things mixed up in Classroom Crisis.  Or I'm not paying enough attention.  First, A-TEC feeds Angelina and Iris the information they need to sneak into the hijacked spacecraft's cockpit and gives them a flight plan.  The stupid pilot interferes, Iris has a traumatic flashback and faints, no one is operating the … Continue reading CC, Rokka and Shimoneta 7, Teekyuu 55

Rokka, CC, and Shimoneta 6

Rokka no Yuusha 6 doesn't really go anywhere.  Adlet and the others are still trapped there, and they've all pretty much decided that he's the fake brave, and so must be evil.  Only the princess disagrees but no one much listens to her anyway.  We spend a few minutes watching Adlet invent possible scenarios that … Continue reading Rokka, CC, and Shimoneta 6

Classroom Crisis 3-4, Biyori Repeat 2-4

Classroom Crisis, that show about high schoolers and corporate downsizing, got downright depressing in episode 3.  Nagisa sends in a nasty accountant named Angelina to further humiliate Kaito and the kids, slashing their budget and sticking them in a dilapidated building that the company's founders first used.  A bit of cruel irony there.  The founders … Continue reading Classroom Crisis 3-4, Biyori Repeat 2-4