Rokka, CC, and Shimoneta 6

Rokka no Yuusha 6 doesn't really go anywhere.  Adlet and the others are still trapped there, and they've all pretty much decided that he's the fake brave, and so must be evil.  Only the princess disagrees but no one much listens to her anyway.  We spend a few minutes watching Adlet invent possible scenarios that … Continue reading Rokka, CC, and Shimoneta 6

Jitsu 4-5, Classroom Crisis and Gate 5

In Jitsu wa Watashi wa 4 we see that the show really doesn't have much more of a story to tell us.  There's only the secret, and however many more hidden monsters they're going throw at us.  This week it seems to be the principal, but really don't get to meet her, just her horns … Continue reading Jitsu 4-5, Classroom Crisis and Gate 5

Classroom Crisis 3-4, Biyori Repeat 2-4

Classroom Crisis, that show about high schoolers and corporate downsizing, got downright depressing in episode 3.  Nagisa sends in a nasty accountant named Angelina to further humiliate Kaito and the kids, slashing their budget and sticking them in a dilapidated building that the company's founders first used.  A bit of cruel irony there.  The founders … Continue reading Classroom Crisis 3-4, Biyori Repeat 2-4