Twos: Laplace, Dandelion, Gate, CC

Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace 2 wraps up the nice chair arc and makes me wonder what they're going to do next. I gather there's going to be more murders at the school, so I wonder if Kobayashi will continue to be a suspect.  That's rather a nice idea for a mystery series, where the … Continue reading Twos: Laplace, Dandelion, Gate, CC

New Summer 2015 #2

Ushio to Tora ... not bad. The grumpy son of a local priest is told to air out the storeroom, and he trips over a basement door, goes down, of course, and meets Tora, a demon who's been stuck there for 500 years because of the Beast Spear pinning him to the wall.  Ushio isn't … Continue reading New Summer 2015 #2