Twos: Kanata, Kill la Kill, Coppelion

Kyoukai no Kanata continues to impress. KyoAni shows are pretty much lighthearted things. I can't remember a moment of overwhelming joy or sorrow in one since Clannad--After Story. Apart from that, and the other Key adaptations, they're all safe. None of the characters are at serious risk. That means, apart from the mock fights in … Continue reading Twos: Kanata, Kill la Kill, Coppelion

Fall 2013 shows #1

According to Random Curiosity, Super Seisyun Brothers started up on the 13th, but it's only now I've seen any subs of it. We've got two pairs of siblings, older sisters, younger brothers, who are good friends but completely different. The first two four-minute episodes are a sort of feeling out, little conversations to demonstrate their … Continue reading Fall 2013 shows #1