New Summer 2015 #2

Ushio to Tora ... not bad. The grumpy son of a local priest is told to air out the storeroom, and he trips over a basement door, goes down, of course, and meets Tora, a demon who's been stuck there for 500 years because of the Beast Spear pinning him to the wall.  Ushio isn't … Continue reading New Summer 2015 #2

Finales, maybe: Aldnoah, Durararax2

Shirobako ended in triumph, Saekano ended with little fanfare.  Let's see what Aldnoah Zero has in store for us. Asseylum's pronouncement doesn't do much at all--everyone's still out warring and having fun.  The only one who seemed to notice was Slaine, and his decision is to abandon the moonbase and blow up everything up, including … Continue reading Finales, maybe: Aldnoah, Durararax2

Aldnoah 23, Durararax2 and Maria 11

I suppose with one episode left of Aldnoah Zero, it's good that I don't know what's going to happen. Klancain manages to escape with Asseylum and Eddeltrittuo, and escorts them to Mazuurek's castle, where she meets her grandfather, well, his avatar, and finds out he's, er, unfit to lead. Personally, I would have given the … Continue reading Aldnoah 23, Durararax2 and Maria 11