New Summer 2015 #2

Ushio to Tora ... not bad. The grumpy son of a local priest is told to air out the storeroom, and he trips over a basement door, goes down, of course, and meets Tora, a demon who's been stuck there for 500 years because of the Beast Spear pinning him to the wall.  Ushio isn't … Continue reading New Summer 2015 #2

Finales, maybe: Aldnoah, Durararax2

Shirobako ended in triumph, Saekano ended with little fanfare.  Let's see what Aldnoah Zero has in store for us. Asseylum's pronouncement doesn't do much at all--everyone's still out warring and having fun.  The only one who seemed to notice was Slaine, and his decision is to abandon the moonbase and blow up everything up, including … Continue reading Finales, maybe: Aldnoah, Durararax2

Durararax2 6, Aldnoah 18, Yuri Kuma 7, Koufuku 6

  Durarara!! x2 6 has its usual lot of scenes, as usual, but very few plot points get covered, and nothing has reached a head yet. The episode mainly sets up the fact that everyone's looking for that little girl, Akane, for various reasons. But we don't know the important thing--why she got attached to … Continue reading Durararax2 6, Aldnoah 18, Yuri Kuma 7, Koufuku 6

Aldnoah 16-17, Lie in April 16, Durarara2 5

Aldnoah Zero 16 concentrates on two people. Slaine, of course, because he's arguably the main character now. And, of all people, Marito. Both stories are straightforward. Slaine, the new count of whatever Saazbaum was count of, and a mongrel and mangy cur to his fellow counts, is fully aware of the enemies he has now, … Continue reading Aldnoah 16-17, Lie in April 16, Durarara2 5

Yuri Kuma 4-5, Durarara2 and Saekano 4

Yuri Kuma Arashi 4 is basically Lulu's tale told as a fairy story. Naturally, the symbolism gets a little heavy. But some things are explained. Basically Lulu was a young and popular princess in her bear kingdom before her younger brother the prince and heir is born. We watch for a while as she tries … Continue reading Yuri Kuma 4-5, Durarara2 and Saekano 4