Finales: Zankyou, Glasslip, Nozaki-kun

The ending of Zankyou no Terror seems a bit low-key, with no real surprises in it, but it did everything it needed to do. First off, I was pleased to see Shibazaki realize that the kids didn't intend to kill anyone with their bomb, then it was just a minute to talk with genius wife … Continue reading Finales: Zankyou, Glasslip, Nozaki-kun

Elevens: Aldnoah, Akame, SAO2, Nozaki-kun

Aldnoah Zero 12 is one of those episodes where it's tense all the time, everyone's battling, but there's nothing really to say. All the familiar things happened. the bad guys have pushed the good guys to the brink, the good guys have one more attack ready, Inaho comes up with a cunning plan which frankly … Continue reading Elevens: Aldnoah, Akame, SAO2, Nozaki-kun

Twos and a three: Tokyo Ghouls, Nozaki-kun, Free 2

I'm dropping Tokyo Ghouls, not because I think it's a bad show, but I've never been big on horror and this show is dripping with it. Episode 2 had Ken get a lecture from Touka while she beats him up, and later he gets a lecture from Nishiki while HE beats him up. It's satisfying … Continue reading Twos and a three: Tokyo Ghouls, Nozaki-kun, Free 2