Twos: Aldnoah, Hanayamata, Glasslip

Now that I've gone through all the shows I might watch, I must decide which ones to watch next. Since so many episode twos have come out while I was dealing with episode ones I have a good supply. So I'll pick the shows I really want to watch first. That means Aldnoah Zero. And … Continue reading Twos: Aldnoah, Hanayamata, Glasslip

2014 Summer Shows #2

The latest from PA Works, the studio that never does a bad show, is Glasslip. It's hard to explain what the story is all about. We have a girl named Touko, who has some sort of vision or hallucination while enjoying their town's summer festival. Meanwhile, a boy we later learn is named Kakeru passes … Continue reading 2014 Summer Shows #2