New Spring 2022 4

A lovely day for a Kamen Rider style battle. Koi wa Sekai Seifuku no Ato de starts with Fudo and Desumi sitting amidst sakura blossoms and chirping birds. Aww, she baked him cookies! And Fudo dares to ask her if they could hold hands. She's reluctant, but … Then Fudou's teammate comes in, and the … Continue reading New Spring 2022 4

New Spring 2022 3

Estab-life begins with a funeral which isn't. Estab-life - Great Escape starts with a funeral attended partly by three girls. They all drive off in a hearse and attempt to pass a checkpoint, but the corpse sneezes, and soon they're on the run from drones and things. Turns out the girls (and a wolf-guy and … Continue reading New Spring 2022 3