4-5s, Peachboy, Hamefura, Tantei, and Jahy 1

Back to Peach Boy Riverside, a show that apparently likes to hop around. As I recall there was a fighting contest going on, but episode 4 gives us a flashback of young Princess Saltherine, bored with her stuffy life, meeting Mikoto and marveling that he could wipe out a whole squad of ogres (not too … Continue reading 4-5s, Peachboy, Hamefura, Tantei, and Jahy 1

Summer 2021 3

Kobayashi 2 begins with a view of Kobayashi's happy apartment building. This time we start with Kyoto Animation's return to TV, Kobayashi-san chi no Maidragon S. The show eases us in with a simple story of Tohru going to attack a new, nearby maid cafe and winds up working there as head chef. Her magic … Continue reading Summer 2021 3

Fall 2020 – and I’m already behind

Well, I've moved, unpacked, and most importantly, I have internet. And it looks like I'm already late for the new season. Here we go. Assault Lily starts with a fast scan. Higurashi might be well-received, but I don't like horror, so I'm starting with Assault Lily Bouquet, probably a lesser show. We got ditzy Riri … Continue reading Fall 2020 – and I’m already behind