Episode 2s and one new show

The second couple could be as fun as the first. The first half of Soredemo Ayumu wa Yosetekuru 2 brings us to the sports festival, where Ayumu is the best at everything and Ayumu is the worst. When they team up for the three-legged race (after Urushi's friend Maki sneakily bows out) we learn that … Continue reading Episode 2s and one new show

Summer 2022 4

I think that's the gateway to the next world. Kuro no Shoukanshi has Kelvin as the one reincarnated to a fantasy world. We learn that he gave up his memories in order to get some higher stats, a decision he celebrates and regrets in turn, both admiring his former self for his game-smarts and regretting … Continue reading Summer 2022 4