Winter 2021 3

Since some shows are already into week 3 I better finish up the week 1's ... Ex-arm is being coy about itself in the first scene. We start this installment with Ex-arm, where a guy named Akira, who is afraid of technology, gets hit by a truck while running to rescue a girl. Jump to … Continue reading Winter 2021 3

Winter 2021 2

One of those openings where you fly over and swoop down to the town. Let's start with Ore Dake Haireru Kakushi Dungeon, where Noir Stadia, merely the third son of a Bayonet, the lowest tier of a heavily stratified European fantasy world, gets pushed aside for his job as a librarian. His best friend and … Continue reading Winter 2021 2

Fall 2020 – and I’m already behind

Well, I've moved, unpacked, and most importantly, I have internet. And it looks like I'm already late for the new season. Here we go. Assault Lily starts with a fast scan. Higurashi might be well-received, but I don't like horror, so I'm starting with Assault Lily Bouquet, probably a lesser show. We got ditzy Riri … Continue reading Fall 2020 – and I’m already behind