Threes: Symphogear, Amagami +, Lagrange

(Note) I am going on vacation after today. I expect to blog as I go, but it will be more sporadic until mid February. Senki Zessho Symphogear 3 isn't much. Some clumsy development livened up only by Hibiki's goofiness, but it throws a curve or two at us. The first time Hibiki transformed, at the … Continue reading Threes: Symphogear, Amagami +, Lagrange

Twos: Natsume, Amagami +, High SchoolDxD (goodbye)

Natsume Yuujinchou Shi 2 finishes up the little story by making it more complicated, but returns to an important theme in the franchise: friendship. Matoba has taken Natsume prisoner, unaware that he has the book of friends with him. Indeed, does Matoba even know about the book? I can't remember. Anyway, he proposes that Natsume … Continue reading Twos: Natsume, Amagami +, High SchoolDxD (goodbye)

A few more quick ones …

Fortune Arterial 10 has Erika's continuing struggle to sustain herself on blood pouches (and why those aren't as nutritious as blood from a throbbing vein they don't tell us). And it has not only more "Let's work together!" festival preparation scenes, but a beach trip and firework-watching with yukatas as well. You begin to get … Continue reading A few more quick ones …

God Only Knows 5, Amagami 18, Arterial 5

The World God Only Knows 5 brings us Kanon, an idol singer, who, in an incredible coincidence, just happens to be in Keima and Elsie's class. Elsie and the rest of the school adore her. Keima couldn't care less, and in a long sequence involving Nazi-style rallies, makes it very clear why he prefers 2D … Continue reading God Only Knows 5, Amagami 18, Arterial 5