Angel Beats 13 (finale)

Angel Beats 13 was, in one way, what I expected it to be: people making tearful farewells and vanishing from the world. I'm happy to say that it managed to do that without false tears, and that they managed to toss in a little humor as well. It wouldn't have been Angel Beats without that … Continue reading Angel Beats 13 (finale)

Confusion: Angel Beats 12, Daimaou 11

I don't know what to make of Angel Beats 12. Let's start with the parts that make sense. Just about all the students not directly involved in the fighting move on, including Girls Dead Monster all at once. This raises the question: why is the SSS still there? What part of their existence remains unsatisfied? … Continue reading Confusion: Angel Beats 12, Daimaou 11

Five Leaves 6, Angel Beats 9, Neko Overrun 8

House of Five Leaves 6 continues with characters only explaining what they have to, and little if anything to Akitsu, but it's notable in that Akitsu actually does something. We carry on with the story of Senkichi, the man who asked the Elder for money last week. The blackmailer, Denshichi, won't leave him or his … Continue reading Five Leaves 6, Angel Beats 9, Neko Overrun 8

Yumeiro 26, Angel Beats 7

After a long delay I finally have a new episode of Yumeiro Patissiere to play with! And we get the dual adventures of Kashino in Ojou's camp and Ayukawa's slow redemption. Kashino, naturally, is appalled over the slavish attitude Ojou's teammates have, while Ayukawa, not needed now that Kashino's there, is relegated to substitute. Really, … Continue reading Yumeiro 26, Angel Beats 7

Five Leaves 2, Angel Beats 5, Daimaou 4

In spite of Akitsu's samurai training and the gang's line of work, it looks like House of Five Leaves is going to deal with characters rather than action. Akitsu doesn't want to be involved with the kidnapping trade, but he can't seem to extricate himself from it. Pressure from the gang, well, from those who … Continue reading Five Leaves 2, Angel Beats 5, Daimaou 4

Durarara15, Angel Beats 4, Working 3

Ah! I THOUGHT the slasher who appeared at the end of last week's Durarara!! looked a little different. It looked like he was wearing a trenchcoat. In ep15 my suspicions are comfirmed. That, however, doesn't mean I was confused as all getout. We meet (again) Niekawa, the reporter trying to find the strongest man in … Continue reading Durarara15, Angel Beats 4, Working 3