Durarara!! 23, Arakawa 11

With only one episode to go after this, Durarara!! 23 has to assemble the pieces (Izaya-speak) for a big finale, and it does, with one of its best episodes. The first half our three heroes are at a loss, wondering what's up with the others, but they are unable to move on their own. But … Continue reading Durarara!! 23, Arakawa 11

Giant Killing 11, Arakawa 10

Giant Killing 11 picks up in the middle of the game, and to make it worse, doesn't finish it, either. In fact, almost the entire episode takes place in the first half. Meanwhile, they continue to develop the character stories. One of these is the Kuroda vs. Itagaki battle. Kuroda continues to keep him marked … Continue reading Giant Killing 11, Arakawa 10

Arakawa 8, K-ON!! 9

Arakawa Under the Bridge 8 brings us outsiders. Takahi and Simazaki, secretaries of Recruit's father who spotted him under the bridge last episode. So we finally get a contrast between the normal and odd! It starts like that, but things happen. First there's Recruit's scramble to convince them that he's planning to generate electricity from … Continue reading Arakawa 8, K-ON!! 9

Night Raid 5, Arakawa 6, Maid-Sama 7

Senkou no Night Raid 5 gives us people on the outside looking in, and we the audience join Kazura in doing the looking. But we're farther outside than he is, meaning what happens in this episode is partly unexplained. Kazura won't tell us what he knows or why he's following Nishiro. He recognizes Nishiro's face … Continue reading Night Raid 5, Arakawa 6, Maid-Sama 7

Arakawa 5, Giant Killing 6, Neko Overrun 5

Shows constructed of vignettes have a habit of dragging. One sketch doesn't work, which slows down the momentum for the next one. Soon I'm checking the time and wondering if it'll be over soon. Working! is like this, the same with Hidamari Sketch and Arakawa Under the Bridge. But sometimes everything seems to work, and … Continue reading Arakawa 5, Giant Killing 6, Neko Overrun 5

More threes: Arakawa, Daimaou

Arakawa Under the Bridge 3 gives us a single story, albeit in two sections with a meaningless afterward. The Sister asks Recruit to attend confession, which is actually a place for Hoshi, the star-head guy, to confront him about his relationship with Nino. What's refreshing is that this time it's someone besides Recruit who's shocked … Continue reading More threes: Arakawa, Daimaou

Yumeiro 25, Arawaka 2, Working 2

I hate waiting on episodes when the previous one ended on a tense moment, even one as trivial as Yumeiro Patissiere, so I decided to watch ep25 as soon as possible. Even though I knew what would happen. In fact, I made some predictions as to how this episode would pan out, and I was … Continue reading Yumeiro 25, Arawaka 2, Working 2