Highschool 6, Asobi 5

Doesn't seem fair. In Highschool of the Dead 6 the world continues to go to hell. Meanwhile our heroes experience great suffering and privation. Of course the contrast is deliberate. The girls undress while a voice-over reporter tells us that two million are dead already. At least Takashi and Kohta are taking stock of their … Continue reading Highschool 6, Asobi 5

Asobi 4, K-ON!! 17

Asobi ni Iku Yo 4 continues to do what the show specializes in: toss out so much weird stuff that you stop objecting and let it wash over you. Starting with yet another questionable organization, well, we've had glimpses of them before: the Kitten's Paw cult, people who want to be like cats so they … Continue reading Asobi 4, K-ON!! 17

Highschool 2, Asobi ni Iku Yo 1

In Highschool of the Dead 2 the surprise has worn off, and our heroes shake off their shock (for the most part) and become pragmatic survivors. The attention switches between three couples: Takashi and Rei, still stuck on the roof, trying to get through on a cell phone, Saeko and Shizuka in the nurse's office, … Continue reading Highschool 2, Asobi ni Iku Yo 1