2015 new winter shows #4

Death Parade brings us a young newlywed couple who find themselves in a mysterious bar, where Decim, the bartender, tells them that they can't leave until they play a game, betting their lives. Turns out to be darts, only the board will cause pain somewhere in the opponent's body depending on where its hit. As … Continue reading 2015 new winter shows #4

Finales!! Durarara!! Working!!

Though it's the best show I've seen this year, Durarara!! had its down moments. The slashers story arc didn't work particularly well, possibly because Anri is a fairly passive character. Then with the Yellow Scarves arc the series became more grim than fun. I'm generalizing; there were terrific moments in almost every episode, but my … Continue reading Finales!! Durarara!! Working!!