Heroman 26 – Finale

Heroman 26, the big crash-bang finale, has plenty of action and light shows but, sadly, it took so much time making its point that at times the episode dragged. It looks bleak. Heroman's got a huge hole in him and isn't moving. Kogorr moves to kill Joey but Will gets in the way and makes … Continue reading Heroman 26 – Finale

Heroman 25, Amagami 12

The pentultimate episode of Heroman is called “Crisis,” and like any good action series it gets to that crisis with an entertaining battle. Joey, Heroman and Will (whom they find and rescue) work to get closer to the big plant thing and Kogorr, who seems half stuck in it. It's fun enough as they manage … Continue reading Heroman 25, Amagami 12