Heroman16, K-ON!! 15

Heroman 16 brings us the end of the story-arc, a straight-up battle with predictable complications. Umm … not bad. They drop the ball a couple of times. Heroman had been incapacitated by the MR-1, who had done something to his electrical system, but Joey smugly points out that since Heroman runs on electricity, he can't … Continue reading Heroman16, K-ON!! 15

Fifteens: Heroman, Maid-Sama

Last week's Heroman preview did indeed give away some of this week's plot, but, happily, not all of it. First we get the meeting between Joey and Hughes in the forest. It works out as you might expect. Joey sees that Hughes is not the enemy, and that while the government is frightened of this … Continue reading Fifteens: Heroman, Maid-Sama

Heroman 9, K-ON!! 8, Maid-Sama 9

At last, Heroman 9 brings us the exciting conclusion to the global bowling-ball crisis! Who will stop them first? Minami, or Denton? But before that we have some unfinished business concerning Kogorr and an unconscious Joey. Kogorr is banging Heroman up a lot, but Joey isn't dead yet and comes to his rescue. Kogorr bangs … Continue reading Heroman 9, K-ON!! 8, Maid-Sama 9