Highschool of the Dead 12. Huh? It’s over already?

It's not right! For such a gripping series to finish, their world only half-explained, after only twelve episodes, it's just not right. I protest! No doubt there will be a sequel—some day, but I feel cheated, like a delirious promise made to me was not kept. Twelve episodes, bah! To make it worse we get … Continue reading Highschool of the Dead 12. Huh? It’s over already?

Elevens: Highschool, Yakuindomo

Another episode of Highschool of the Dead where no one whacks a zombie. Instead we get characters talking, decisions made, and Shido's brief and ignominious return and departure. Oh, and some fun at the end, if you can call it that. Each main character gets a scene and then we move on. We don't see … Continue reading Elevens: Highschool, Yakuindomo

Highschool 8, Yakuindomo 8, and a moment of silence.

First, a moment of silence to honor the memory of Satoshi Kon. Thank you. I'll leave it for bloggers more capable than myself to write eulogies and appreciations. Besides, I've seen too little of his work. I will say that Millennium Actress and Paprika are outstanding films you really ought to watch if you haven't … Continue reading Highschool 8, Yakuindomo 8, and a moment of silence.

Highschool 6, Asobi 5

Doesn't seem fair. In Highschool of the Dead 6 the world continues to go to hell. Meanwhile our heroes experience great suffering and privation. Of course the contrast is deliberate. The girls undress while a voice-over reporter tells us that two million are dead already. At least Takashi and Kohta are taking stock of their … Continue reading Highschool 6, Asobi 5

Fives: Highschool, Yakuindomo

Highschool of the dead 5, along with the usual bloody violence, zombies, panty shots and jiggling boobs, adds another element: improbable coincidence (Edit: okay, not so much as I thought), and it couldn't be more fun. Oh, they add another character, too. I didn't get her name from the episode but Wikipedia says it's Rika, … Continue reading Fives: Highschool, Yakuindomo