Five Leaves 12 (finale), Ookami-San 1

House of Five Leaves 12 flies by, finished before I realized it. It clears up the confusion I was having about Yaichi's background. I hadn't realized that the kidnapped kid early on was in fact him. And the nature of what happens in this episode makes me rethink Akitsu's role in it. You could argue … Continue reading Five Leaves 12 (finale), Ookami-San 1

Five Leaves 11, Daimaou 12 (finale)

I'm not going to say very much about House of Five Leaves 11, because I've lost track of the backstory, that is, the events that led to Sei becoming Yaichi, if that's the case. In the present day, the Five Leaves gang collectively feel that the end is coming. Ume no longer needs the money. … Continue reading Five Leaves 11, Daimaou 12 (finale)

Five Leaves 9, Maid-Sama 11

Every time you think there's going to be an action scene in House of Five Leaves you're wrong. Such scenes are quick, often off-camera, and instead we see the ramifications, such as in ep9, where Akitsu is preparing to rescue Matsu. The rescue just happens. There's one false alarm early on where another bodyguard nearly … Continue reading Five Leaves 9, Maid-Sama 11

Five Leaves 8, WORKING!! 10

House of Five Leaves 8 centers on Matsu, the thief, mostly. There are countless other things lurking on the sides, slowly coming together. The first is the mystery of Yagi, and why he's taken such an interest in Akitsu. He's also interested in Yaichi, though with this show, he naturally doesn't say why (Everyone in … Continue reading Five Leaves 8, WORKING!! 10

Five Leaves 7, Yumeiro 32 (not 31, as I first thought)

House of Five Leaves 7 goes the way of the ones before it. We learn a little about Yaichi's past, and that of Akitsu. Some of this comes from Kaichi visiting the Elder, who recognizes him and warns him about the return of the Kuhei Bakuro. Akitsu is still curious about Kaichi's past and he … Continue reading Five Leaves 7, Yumeiro 32 (not 31, as I first thought)

Five Leaves 6, Angel Beats 9, Neko Overrun 8

House of Five Leaves 6 continues with characters only explaining what they have to, and little if anything to Akitsu, but it's notable in that Akitsu actually does something. We carry on with the story of Senkichi, the man who asked the Elder for money last week. The blackmailer, Denshichi, won't leave him or his … Continue reading Five Leaves 6, Angel Beats 9, Neko Overrun 8

Five Leaves 5, Working! 8

House of Five Leaves 5 moves away from Akitsu, somewhat, and concerns itself with some other members of the gang. Akitsu is around, recuperating from Edo disease, whatever that is, listening in, wanting to ask questions, this time to Ume. He remains static while events occur around him. We start, however with the Five Leaves … Continue reading Five Leaves 5, Working! 8

Five Leaves 4, Daimaou 6, Working!! 6

House of Five Leaves 4 gives us brief scenes of how Yaichi slowly put his group together, and beyond that does little but bring up more complications for our hapless ronin Akitsu. Akitsu still doesn't consider himself a part of Five Leaves, and he hasn't yet sent any of his ill-gotten gains to his family. … Continue reading Five Leaves 4, Daimaou 6, Working!! 6