The final finales: Asobi, K-ON!!

The finale of Asobi ni Iku Yo does what you expect it to. The good cats win, the bad dogs lose. But it was hard for me to get interested in it. It starts out well enough. The Cathian rescue ship needs thirty minutes to fuel up but there's NATO tanks and helicopters on the … Continue reading The final finales: Asobi, K-ON!!

K-ON!! 25

K-ON!! is over, story-wise, but we still have a couple of filler episodes to entertain us until the fall season overwhelms us in less than a week. The thing is, I don't see why they couldn't have put episode 25 where it belonged. It was a nice, typical episode. Azusa discovers an old Light Music … Continue reading K-ON!! 25

K-ON!! 24, really the finale.

Technically, K-ON!! isn't over. There should be two more episodes to go. But for all intents and purposes the show officially ends with episode 24, graduation day. Even though there's an extra sentimental, bittersweet feeling to this episode it still manages to showcase the show's specialties: day-to-day life and HTT goofing off. Oh, and music. … Continue reading K-ON!! 24, really the finale.

K-ON!! 21, Sora no Woto 7.5: Moe in peace and war

When an extra episode of Sora no Woto appeared I thought it would be fun to pair it up with its civilian counterpart, K-ON!! I don't expect to have any sage pronouncements on the concept of moe in these differing series, but the character designs are so similar … At the time of this writing … Continue reading K-ON!! 21, Sora no Woto 7.5: Moe in peace and war