Polishing off Maid-Sama, Yakuindomo

The Kaichou wa Maid-Sama finale did what you might have expected, bring together Misa and Usui as a couple, and they actually do it pretty well, but everything around them felt off. Misa came to this festival because she wanted to keep an eye on Sakura, who's there for the UxMishi concert, i.e., their lead … Continue reading Polishing off Maid-Sama, Yakuindomo

Shiki 11, Maid-Sama 25

The makers of Shiki certainly picked a good time to put the show on hiatus. Even though this week's cliffhanger was no bigger than the others, everything's ramping up now. And we didn't even get to see Natsuno. Much of the episode is devoted to Ikumi, the crazy lady who actually has it right. She's … Continue reading Shiki 11, Maid-Sama 25