Shiki 2, Maid-Sama 16

After last week's episode I wondered just how Shiki would manage its story. Would they concentrate entirely on another victim, or would they go another direction? This episode is more straightforward, though no less stylish. At the moment the situation has three angles from which to view it. The first is the aftermath of Megumi's … Continue reading Shiki 2, Maid-Sama 16

Fifteens: Heroman, Maid-Sama

Last week's Heroman preview did indeed give away some of this week's plot, but, happily, not all of it. First we get the meeting between Joey and Hughes in the forest. It works out as you might expect. Joey sees that Hughes is not the enemy, and that while the government is frightened of this … Continue reading Fifteens: Heroman, Maid-Sama

Five Leaves 9, Maid-Sama 11

Every time you think there's going to be an action scene in House of Five Leaves you're wrong. Such scenes are quick, often off-camera, and instead we see the ramifications, such as in ep9, where Akitsu is preparing to rescue Matsu. The rescue just happens. There's one false alarm early on where another bodyguard nearly … Continue reading Five Leaves 9, Maid-Sama 11

Maid-Sama 10, Neko Overrun 9, and predictability

Kaichou wa Maid-Sama 10 is completely predictable, yet as an episode it's okay. This time the show focuses on Misa's friend Sakura, who's in love with Kuuga, singer with a boy band who has been flirting with her onstage and outside the theatre. And now she's actually been invited to meet her idols for a … Continue reading Maid-Sama 10, Neko Overrun 9, and predictability

Heroman 9, K-ON!! 8, Maid-Sama 9

At last, Heroman 9 brings us the exciting conclusion to the global bowling-ball crisis! Who will stop them first? Minami, or Denton? But before that we have some unfinished business concerning Kogorr and an unconscious Joey. Kogorr is banging Heroman up a lot, but Joey isn't dead yet and comes to his rescue. Kogorr bangs … Continue reading Heroman 9, K-ON!! 8, Maid-Sama 9

Night Raid 6, Working! 7, Maid-Sama 8

Senkou no Night Raid 6 brought to my mind a quandry. While this is a show full of unnaturally powerful people, that's the only fantasy element involved. Meanwhile it's a historical show where we know pretty much how things will turn out. And I don't think any of the regular characters are going to be … Continue reading Night Raid 6, Working! 7, Maid-Sama 8

Night Raid 5, Arakawa 6, Maid-Sama 7

Senkou no Night Raid 5 gives us people on the outside looking in, and we the audience join Kazura in doing the looking. But we're farther outside than he is, meaning what happens in this episode is partly unexplained. Kazura won't tell us what he knows or why he's following Nishiro. He recognizes Nishiro's face … Continue reading Night Raid 5, Arakawa 6, Maid-Sama 7