Some quick summaries before I go …

Since I have a bit of time, like another day or two, I can post some more. But my computer setup is more frustrating, so it's not going to be the usual routine. Kuragehime 8 moved Shuu's story along nicely, thanks to the greed of the chauffeur and a misdialed number. So not only is … Continue reading Some quick summaries before I go …

Amagami 22, Kuragehime 7

Tsukasa, the latest girl in Amagami SS, may have a sneaky, sinister side to her, but the show is so good-natured that it's hard to be too worried about it. Of course, Junichi, the victim of her wrath, may not think that way. Indeed, for Junichi, working with this strange girl is like walking through … Continue reading Amagami 22, Kuragehime 7

Index 6, Kuragehime 4

A Certain Magical Index moves to a new story and exchanges cult-babble with techno-babble. But it starts innocently enough. We start with some typical Touma/Index/Sphinx hijinks, apparently there to establish that the weather reports have gotten faulty lately, and then we don't see them again for the rest of the episode. We get some typical … Continue reading Index 6, Kuragehime 4

Kuragehime 1, God Only Knows 2

Many seasons I'll watch the new shows, some of them good, some of them not so good but still interesting, but hardly anything that's different. I don't mean weird, I mean something that doesn't look and behave like the others. Often the noitaminA timeslot saves the day with diverse shows like Eden of the East, … Continue reading Kuragehime 1, God Only Knows 2