noitaminA finales: No.6, Usagi Drop

No.6 went through the motions until the very end. It gave us the destruction of the wall, the “liberation” of the inhabitants (who, at the end, were walking like lemmings to the outside, even though they never showed us a single indication that most of them really wanted to know what was out there), and … Continue reading noitaminA finales: No.6, Usagi Drop

Steins;Gate finale, and other shows.

Not sure I like the ending of Steins;Gate. It makes perfect, logical sense, at least it seems to. I lost track of the endless returns in time to fix this thing or save that person long ago; it really boiled down to whether Okabe could rescue Kurisu, and in what messy way would his Master … Continue reading Steins;Gate finale, and other shows.

Episode dump: Croisee, Natsume, Tiger/Bunny, etc.

I should have posted this before my weekend from hell began and I got too busy (Labor Day Weekend? I wish. Weekends are my busiest time around here). Once again, while I write about these episodes, new ones appear. Ikoku Meiro no Croisée 9, sorry, partie neuf, continues with the little tea party as the … Continue reading Episode dump: Croisee, Natsume, Tiger/Bunny, etc.

Penguindrum 7, Natsume 8, Hanasaku 21

Through another rough work week and a head cold, I watch on ... Mawaru Penguindrum 7 continues with the sad and desperate Ringo story arc, which only gets worse, and buries us with another truckload of visual quirks that either have profound meaning or are the workings of my cold-addled head, I can't tell anymore. … Continue reading Penguindrum 7, Natsume 8, Hanasaku 21

Natsume Yuujinchou 6-7 and other, mostly lesser shows

Natsume Yuujinchou San 6 and 7 gives us a two-parter, and a departure from the show's mood we've seen thus far, at least this season. The mood is darker than usual, and unlike most episodes, the greatest threat comes not from youkai, but from humans who are connected in some way to them. Natsume discovers … Continue reading Natsume Yuujinchou 6-7 and other, mostly lesser shows