Two more finales: Nodame, Hanamaru

Nodame Cantibile – Finale's, er, finale is uncertain, with things left up in the air while also trying to give us some closure for the side characters. The manga's creator, Tomoko Ninomiya, fell victim to some physical ailments, not to mention pregnancy, and you get the feeling that later, sporadic efforts to continue the series … Continue reading Two more finales: Nodame, Hanamaru

Cross Game 49, Nodame 10, Letter Bee 23

Cross Game 49 is indeed excruciating to watch. You may think, well, it's a sports show, so it has to end with victory, but this series has as many letdowns as triumphs. There would be a certain beauty to it if Seishuu loses, and Kou, Aoba and Akaishi don't realize their dream of playing in … Continue reading Cross Game 49, Nodame 10, Letter Bee 23