Occult 3, Asobi 3

I'm still trying to get a grip on Occult Academy. Episode three feels so far removed from the splendid first episode that I wonder if they didn't fire the first batch of writers and hire new ones. There are rumors of some supernatural beast called a tengu lurking around, and some people have gone missing. … Continue reading Occult 3, Asobi 3

Occult Academy 2, Okami-san 3

Plenty of surprises in Occult Academy 2, as we are introduced to Fumiaki (or Abe Minoru, whichever you prefer) and get the details on why he's there. And we start where we should, his grand, naked entrance before Maya, who is understandably shocked. A little too shocked. She acknowledges the occult and is a tough … Continue reading Occult Academy 2, Okami-san 3