Sukitte 8, Spacebros 34, Lagrange12.5

One of the things I like about Sukitte Ii na yo 8 is that the romance is messier than the usual anime. It doesn't have the lovers overcome some obstacle like a boss in a game that leaves them happy ever after (though shows like that can be fun too). Things linger in this show; … Continue reading Sukitte 8, Spacebros 34, Lagrange12.5

Finales: Tari Tari, Lagrange

Sorry to say that Tari Tari's final episode was everything we expected and nothing more. But I expected that, too. After the morning prep scenes and rain-watching (I will always remember Miyamoto in her fish suit), we get the inevitable confrontation with the school board presidents and our plucky kids who just want to put … Continue reading Finales: Tari Tari, Lagrange

Lagrange 22, Yuru Yuri II 11, Horizon II 23

Rinne no Lagrange 22 brings all its strengths together and produces a huge episode. Not its greatest, but damn close. If there's a flaw to the series it's that the events sometimes get so cosmic that we lose our connection to it. That's because the show is centered around and grounded by Madoka, a Kamagawa … Continue reading Lagrange 22, Yuru Yuri II 11, Horizon II 23

Religion had Declined 10, Hyouka 20, Lagrange 21

My take on Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita 10 written here is a rambling mess, because sometimes it's good for the mind to ramble about a show, especially one as odd as this one. We go back to Watashi's first days as a mediator, er, researcher, whatever it is; just so she can avoid working in … Continue reading Religion had Declined 10, Hyouka 20, Lagrange 21

Jinrui 8, Hyouka 18, Lagrange 19

Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita 8 explains everything! Even the dog! Okay, it doesn't explain the underlying question how? We get a nice stab at Why, though. Assistant, never given an opportunity to develop a personality because he grew up in isolation, decided to look for one, and used the suggestions by Watashi and all those … Continue reading Jinrui 8, Hyouka 18, Lagrange 19