Railgun 5-6, Sacred Blacksmith 5

Another partners fight episode! Two in two days. And that's about all I have to say about Railgun 5 and 6. We see Kuroko and Uiharu fight (nice to see the latter show some backbone for a change, even if she's useless in a fight). Then we see Misaka learn the joys of working in … Continue reading Railgun 5-6, Sacred Blacksmith 5

Winter Sonata 1, Sacred Blacksmith 4

Just as I thought: last week's Winter Sonata 0 was all prelude. Episode 1 doesn't take long to flashback to when Joonsang and Yujin first meet each other in high school. Joonsang was a moody kid, brilliant in math and science, but unable to get along with anyone. He and Yujin meet not-cute while sitting … Continue reading Winter Sonata 1, Sacred Blacksmith 4

Sasameki Koto 2, Sacred Blacksmith 3

This episode, at least, of Sasameki Koto, is about unrequited love. Kazama does it all the time, falling for girls who can't return her affections, and meanwhile Murasame has unrequited love for Kazama. And then there's … ahem … Anyway, Murasame is a cross between Azumanga's Sakaki and Yomi, tall, elegent, athletic, bespectacled, smart and … Continue reading Sasameki Koto 2, Sacred Blacksmith 3

First Viewings: Kampfer, Railgun, Blacksmith

The story of Kampfer looks serious but the presentation is so silly that I don't know quite to make of this series after ep 1. The manic fight scenes are worth a laugh, especially at the opening when Natsuru is being chased through forest to city to here and there with no thought of connection. … Continue reading First Viewings: Kampfer, Railgun, Blacksmith